imageimageA baby’s first year is one filled with change. They go from being an infant to an independent little toddler…just that fast. Their parents tend to wish there was a way to slow them down just a little bit, because those infant days are gone in an instant. Still, watching the changes and the emerging personality is awesome too, and soon you find yourself simply going with the flow and enjoying the new little person your child has become.

One thing that few people expect from their younger children, however, is for them to become an inspiration to their older children. Nevertheless, in the case of my grand niece, Zoey Iverson, she has become just that. Zoey’s brother, Lucas was born with Down’s Syndrome, and so is slower at things than she is, but Lucas loves his little sister, and literally follows her everywhere. That has inspired Lucas to work very hard at maneuvering. And for Zoey, that’s not a bad thing either, because she absolutely loves her brother too. Zoey brings out the very best in her brother, because Lucas wants to do everything Zoey does.

Zoey and her brother are best friends. They love spending time together and with their grandparents and uncles…especially Uncle Tucker. They love to go camping together with their parents and other family members. Zoey spends a lot of time in her swing or playpen when camping, but that doesn’t matter. She is outside, and that’s a fun place to be. I’m sure she will take after her parents in camping, fishing, and all things sporty.

One of the main things I see in Zoey though is the love she has for her brother. I have a feeling she is going to be his biggest cheerleader, best friend, and his teammate. It’s amazing to watch a younger child who sees the imageimageneed to take on the role of the older child, but without stepping in their older sibling’s toes and making them feel like they are incapable. I think Zoey will be that kind of child. Filled with love for her brother and never feeling like he is a burden, because he is just her brother and she loves him with all her heart. What a blessing for Lucas to have such a sister. He has a sister who encourages him, inspires him, and loves him always. It doesn’t get any better than that. I know that Zoey will be a very compassionate girl. Today is Zoey’s 1st birthday. Happy birthday Zoey!! Have a great day!! We love you!!

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