200My grand-nephew, Keifer Balcerzak loves his family. No matter what else he is or what else he does, Keifer wants to do what is best for his girls, and the baby that is on the way. Life is going great for them. Keifer has been helping his daughter, Reece learn to play t-ball this year. With practice, I think she could grow up to become as good at softball as her daddy. Time will tell if she decided to play softball or any other sport when she sets older, but no matter what she chooses, I know her parents will be supportive, and her daddy and mommy will help her be the best at it.

Keifer has loved his wife, Katie for years and years. They have been married for six years, and they are so happy. They are a perfect couple, and Katie is Keifer’s soulmate for life. They are such a great team, both going in the same direction with the same ideas. They are so sweet together, it makes me smile. Not everyone finds their soulmate so early in life, but in the rare occasions when it happens, it is very obvious, and very sweet. Now, as their family is growing, they have even more to celebrate.

Keifer has been working out and getting in shape these days. He loves sports, especially softball, and this year has been a great year for his team. In order to be a good athlete, you have to be in shape. Keifer has been working hard to be in good shape for his team, and it has paid of. Not only is he in great shape, but the rest of his team has worked hard too, and they have reaped the benefits of their hard work. This year, Keifer’s team was had the great pleasure of being the top team, the Men’s D3 Champs!! That takes a lot of hard work, a lot of skill…and a lot of practice. When everyone is willing to put the effort in, the team does well, and has a good chance of winning.

Keifer has had a great year in many ways, and the future looks exceptionally bright. He has a job he loves as a computer tech, and a great family. We are all so happy for him. Today is Keifer’s birthday. Happy birthday Keifer!! Have a great day!! We love you!!

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