My grand-niece, Maeve Parmely is a child of the Covid lockdowns, and the secondary phenomenon, Stranger Danger. As a two year old girl, Maeve’s time was suddenly spent all pretty much with her immediate family, and maybe sometimes grandparents, so she didn’t know many other people very well…including aunts, uncles, and cousins. Now that families can gather together again, Maeve’s parents, Eric and Ashley Parmely suggested monthly family dinners, with the purpose of letting the children get reacquainted with family. For Maeve’s older siblings, Reagan, Hattie, and Bowen getting to know family was easy, but for Maeve, it was a little more difficult. She is a little more shy and reserved. She will come around, of course, and when her uncle, Bob Schulenberg brings chips to the party, it really helps break the ice. Those chips were an ice breaker for everyone, even if we did eat before dinner, and they certainly didn’t ruin anyone’s appetite either.

Maeve has lived on a farm all her life. She loves the animals. On day when we were out there, Maeve went out exploring, or just to get some quiet time, and ended up toward the front of the property, with three cows. Maeve was not afraid of them, nor they of her. They are actually all very comfortable together, and the cows somehow understand that Maeve is little, and they need to be careful, but that in reality, Maeve is absolutely the boss. In fact, Maeve’s great aunt, Nancy Eighmy calls her the cow whisperer, and I would have to agree. They just like to be near this precious little girl. And it’s not just the cows that Maeve loves to be around. The family has new kittens right now, and They are very much the rage. There are also the horses, baby goats, turkeys, chickens, and pigs. That means there is lots of entertainment. She also loves the mountains and snow, especially if somebody carries her. Still, she loves being in the snow.

Maeve is very resourceful. If she wants something, she knows how to get it for herself. She can climb, and reach, and if that doesn’t work, she will resort to getting her older siblings to get her what she wants. Hmmmm…she might be a sibling whisperer too. Maeve doesn’t talk too often, although she certainly can. It’s just that her siblings usually see to her every need, often before she even asks for things. I guess that just comes from being the baby of the family. Maeve is well cared for, and maybe a little bit babied, but she is just so darned cute that you just have to forgive her family for spoiling her a little. And besides, she doesn’t seem to be very spoiled at all. Today is Maeve’s 2nd birthday, and she gets to share her day with her moms Mothers Day, which is very special too. Happy birthday sweet Maeve. Have a great day!! We love you!!

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