My grandniece, Maya Stevens is the second child of my nephew, Garrett Stevens and his wife Kayla, and according to my sister and Maya’s grandma, Alena Stevens, Maya is very much a second child. In case you didn’t know what that is, it’s all about the differences between raising an oldest child and raising a youngest child. Maya can be very brave…on some things. On others…not so much. Maya will jump right into the pool, with or without a life jacket. That means of course, that her parents must have an “eagle eye” anytime they are near a pool. The reality is that Maya really loves to swim. She loves the pool and their trampoline. Especially when her daddy plays with her and jumps with her. When it comes to the slide into her pool, just try holding her back. She goes down the slide at full speed by herself laughing at the bottom with a splash.

As brave as Maya is when she’s swimming, she is still shy with new people. There’s nothing wrong with that, but when it’s someone you want to have your child grin for, that “stranger danger” thing can be problematic. Still, if you have to make a choice, I figure it’s best to err on the side of caution. Maya loves her Papa Mike, my brother-in-law’s attention, but she doesn’t want him to hold her yet. She’ll call out to him and say, “Papa watch!” or “Hi Papa!” Still, if her mom or dad are around, she only wants them. She is very much a “Mommy and Daddy’s Girl.” That’s ok too, but it will change as time goes on, and she feels more comfortable around other family members, she will be very social, of that I have no doubt.

Maya loves her big sister, Elliott, but she will not be pushed around by her. Elliott is a good big sister, and pretty careful with her little sister, but Elliott pushed her down once and Maya came up swinging! She packs a punch. Of course, her little hands don’t really hurt, but she was gonna fight! She had to show her big sis that she was no doormat. The girls get along very well for the most part though. Maya loves to be chased by Elliott and they chase each other around the house for 20 minutes or so, or until Elliott traps her in a corner. Then it all becomes a “giggle fest” or a “gleeful screaming match” anyway.

Maya is a very smart little girl. She is learning to talk, and she speaks pretty plainly. She loves to have fun. She’s always laughing or smiling. Every picture I see of her she is smiling, if she isn’t laughing, that is. Maya is a very happy little girl and a joy to be around. She and her sister are best friends, and they love their cousins Brooklyn and Jaxxon. In fact, Maya always wants to be held by Brooklyn when they are together. Today is Maya’s 2nd birthday. Time sure flies. Happy birthday Maya!! Have a great day!! We love you!!

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