Much has happened in the first year of my grandson, Josh Petersen and his wife, Athena’s marriage. In addition to their first son, Justin, they now have a second son, named Axel, and a baby on the way. Josh and Athena are very family oriented. They love kids and have said they want four or five, so this newest addition isn’t a surprise. These “kids” are so happy and full of excitement every day. For them, life is an adventure, and they can’t wait for the next chapter.

Josh and Athena met when they were in middle school, but it wasn’t until much later, that they knew that this was forever. Their love is real and true, and even if they knew that back in middle school, they couldn’t have married, so it’s just as well that they found out later in life. They truly are perfect for each other, and they couldn’t be happier with their lives…or their family. Not everyone can say that they have known their spouse for much of their lives, but it is really cool when they can, and when they are still in love even after their school days are long over. These kids have their priorities straight…God first, family second, and self, last. I love that they are dedicated to God and family. I love seeing their faith in action.

They love taking the kids to the different parks and even the mall to play on the toys there. At this age, the boys are happy with whatever toys are around, and that, in turn makes Mommy and Daddy happy. That will end, of course, as the boys start hearing about the latest and greatest new toys, but for now, Josh and Athena can enjoy the simplicity of having young kids. Of course, it helps that the parents have no problem playing with the kids, even going into the maze toys. Let’s face it, most of us couldn’t even get in there. I think Josh and Athena are really big kids at heart.

Josh is a Fire Extinguisher Tech for All Out Fire. He works very hard so that Athena can stay home with their kids and their coming little one. Athena is an excellent mommy and the boys are very blessed to have her for their mom. She and the kids have great days of reading and learning…and playing, but when their daddy gets home, they are all so happy to see him. These boys are Daddy’s Boys, in the evening anyway. During the days, it’s all about Mommy. They family is all about family and growing in love every day. Today is Josh and Athena’s first anniversary. Happy Anniversary Josh and Athena!! Have a great day!! Congratulations!! We love you!!

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