Caryn New ImageI have been married to my best friend, Bob since 1975. We have two beautiful daughters, Corrie and Amy; two wonderful sons-in-law, Kevin and Travis; and 4 beautiful and amazing grandchildren, Christopher, Shai, Caalab, and Joshua. God has richly blessed me and my family. I have been an insurance agent in Casper, Wyoming since 1989, and with The Stengel Agency since 1996. I have been blessed with the most wonderful boss in the world, and I would never work anywhere else again, as there is no better place to work. I love to hike and take long walks outside. The mountains are my place of peace. I love to see what is just around the next turn in the trail. Oh, and I love blogging, both here and on  The Stengel Agency Blog. You can find me on twitter @caryn56.

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