My in-laws, Walt and Joann Schulenberg knew each other their whole lives. They were from the small town of Forsyth, Montana, and their mothers, Vina Schulenberg Hein and Nettie Knox were good friends. They did things together and hung out for pleasant afternoon visits while their children slept. Walt was the older of the two by a year and a half, but they were still playmates as kids, and they even took naps together, which was something that embarrassed my rather prim and proper mother-in-law. Oh, she wasn’t a snob, but in those days, people just didn’t do that sort of thing (the sleeping together, not the napping part). Mostly it was a matter of the fact that you just didn’t talk or joke about such things, Nevertheless, we all teased them…well mostly her, because it didn’t bother my father-in-law one bit.

The two of them grew apart s their school years went on, and my mother-in-law told me that she really didn’t like him much then. My guess is that he was always joking around and she didn’t think it was all that funny. Nevertheless, he persevered and soon he won her heart. They talked about what their future would hold…things like how many kids they would have and the fact that he wanted a little girl, just like her baby sister, Margee Kountz. He loved kids, and he wanted a bunch of them. And a bunch of them, they did have. They had six kids all together…Marlyce Schulenberg (who passed away when she was 39 years old), Debbie Cook, Bob Schulenberg, Jennifer Parmely, Brenda Schulenberg, and Ron Schulenberg. Their lives would soon take them far from Forsyth, as he looked for better work opportunities. They finally landed in Casper, Wyoming, as would several of their family members. That is where they spent the rest of their lives, with the exception of a few years when they wintered in Yuma, Arizona…a place they grew to love and where they had many friends.

As time went on, they were blessed with grandchildren, Corrie Petersen, Amy Royse, Machelle Moore, Barry Schulenberg, Nancy Cook (who passed away shortly after her birth), Susan Griffith, JD Parmely, and Eric Parmely. They also had great grandchildren, Chris Petersen, Shai Royce, Caalab Royce, Josh Petersen, Weston Moore, Jala Satterwhite, Easton Moore, Kaytlyn Griffith, Reagan Parmely, Hattie Parmely, Bowen Parmely, and Maeve Parmely. In addition, they now have great great grandchildren, Cambree Petersen, Caysen Petersen, Justin Petersen, Axel Petersen, and Cyler Petersen. A number of these, they never had the privilege of meeting, sadly. Nevertheless, little did they know, when they started out, just how far-reaching their love would be. Their family has grown so much, and it’s not done growing yet. Today marks the 75th anniversary of my in-laws, Walt and Joann Schulenberg’s wedding. I wish they could be here to celebrate. Happy anniversary in Heaven, Mom and Dad. We love and miss you very much.

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