My sister-in-law, Brenda Schulenberg is a very special kind of person. She has a strong sense of fairness when it comes to how people should be treated. She also has a deep kindness toward people. Because of these two things, she is always kind to all people, regardless of the situation. I don’t say that things and situations can’t frustrate her and even produce anger, as can happen to all of us, but Brenda is mostly even tempered, and nice to people. It is a trait that has served her well all her life and will continue to do so for the rest of it.

It’s funny how sometimes, we can step into, or almost stumble upon the job that will become our career, with little or no planning on our part. That is really what happened to Brenda. She got a job in banking right out of high school, and that job has become a career that has spanned the last 43 years. It will be the career from which she will retire in the near future. Her career in banking, however, has not afforded her “banker’s hours” as most of us might think. Brenda has worked in Human Resources for a long time, and while most of us think Human Resources is all about hiring and firing, and it is, her job also takes on payroll, and tax preparation for a number of companies. With that, the traditional “banker’s hours” have a tendency to go out the window. Brenda has been known to work from 8:00 in the morning to 10:00 at night, and not on occasion. She does that quite often…especially during tax season. It’s been a wild ride, and I’m, quite sure that those hours will not be missed when she retires.

Brenda is a social person and loves spending time with friends and family. She has a core group of friends, but she is also a friend to many other people. People just naturally like Brenda, and that makes it so easy for her to make friends. She has been a part of my life since she was eleven years old. She became my sister-in-law when she was twelve years old. After all those years, she really isn’t my sister-in-law, but rather she is my sister…and I can’t imagine life without her in it. She has been there during the best of times, and the hardest of times…those times of sickness and loss. I can’t imagine how hard it would have been to take care of her aging parents, if she and the rest of the family had not been there to help. She was so important to their care, and they were always grateful for her help. Today is Brenda’s birthday. Happy birthday Brenda!! Have a great day!! We love you!!

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