Like most people have, whether they call it that or not, my grandnephew, Xander Spethman had a bucket list and goals for the year before he turned 21. He accomplished most of those goals. He was able to travel outside of the United States, taking a trip with his girlfriend, Alli Simpson, and her family, to Jamaica. During that trip, another item on his list was fulfilled when he saw the ocean for the first time. They had a great trip, going snorkeling, parasailing, zip lining, trying new foods, and experiencing a different culture. Jamaica is a fun place to visit. It’s always in party mode, and they had an amazing time.

A goal that Xander set on his 20th birthday was to find a good job and work his way up the company. Xander is currently working for Caspar Building Systems and is coming up on his 1-year anniversary with them. Xander was able to be a part of building 12 beautiful buildings for Casper’s community. Xander loves going to work to be able to provide for his family and enjoys being able to come home and cuddle with all his babies at the end of the day. Xander is a dog dad, and his babies, of the fur variety love their daddy very much. They get all excited when he comes home and can’t wait to cuddle with him.

Xander and Alli are very close with his family. Xander takes being the big brother very seriously. Recently, he bought his little sister, Aleesia, a guitar, because she wants to learn how to play. While Xander and Alli have a place of their own, they spend most evenings with his family. That closeness will always be an important part of their lives. They hang out with his family, because he considers his family his friends. His mom, Jenny tells me, “Xander loves his mom, but his dad (Steve Spethman) is his hero.” Xander has grown into an amazing adult. His parents often ask for his perspective on many things, including parenting. Sometimes, it’s a big help to get a young person’s perspective on one’s children. Sometimes, one child can’t make it easier to understand what another child is going through. Xander has grown into a fine young man.

The end of the summer will find Xander and Alli making yet another big change. They will be moving to Fort Collins, Colorado so that Alli can continue her education. This is likely to be a “culture shock” for the whole family, because they are so close. Nevertheless, Jenny tells me that she is “excited for her son to have new opportunities and to watch him grow.” We all wish them well. Today is Xander’s 21st birthday. Happy birthday Xander!! Have a great day!! We love you!!

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