It’s not every day that someone turns 100 years old, but today, that can be said of my aunt, Doris Spencer. She is the last of my aunts and uncles on my dad’s side, and I’m sure it never occurred to her that she might achieve that grand age. Everyone marks the day they hit double digits, but very few people hit triple digits. Just imagine…living for a whole century. What changes she must have seen in all those years. In 1924, the life expectancy was 54.1 years. Of course, that was the average age that people were dying, not how long those born that year were expected to live. Still, Aunt Doris has far exceeded that number and is even beyond the current life expectancy, which is 73.33 years. The average income in 1924 was $2,196 a year, which made the cost of a new car ($265) and a house ($7,720) seem like a whole lot of money. A stamp cost 2 cents. Oh that we could have those pices with today’s income, but let’s face it, that isn’t even reasonable.

At the time that Aunt Doris was born, Calvin Coolidge was President of the United States, and we had no vice-president from 1923 to 1925, that might seem odd, and in fact, it is unusual, but not unheard of. In fact, there were eighteen presidents who served all or part of their term with no vice-president, and four that served the whole term without a vice-president. Coolidge becme president when Warren Harding died suddenly in 1923. So he had no vice-president. He was re-elected in his own right in 1924, and could have run again in 1928, but chose not to. Of course, none of that made any difference to Aunt Doris, who was just a newborn then, but I’m sure she would find it interesting to note.

Aunt Doris and my Uncle Bill Spencer had three children, Pamela “Pam” (Spencer) Wendling in late 1954, William “Bill” Spencer Jr in 1959, and James “Jim” Spencer in 1962. She has also been blessed with five grandchildren, four great grandchildren and one bonus great granddaughter. She has had a happy life, and she has always been a blessing to many people. She and my mom, Collene Spencer were best friends, and loved living across the yard from each other when my family lived in Superior, Wisconsin. When we moved to Casper, Wyoming, the friends really missed each other. I was so glad that my sister, Cheryl Masterson and I took Mom to Wisconsin to visit before she passed away in 2015. I know it meant so much to both of them. I am so glad we gave them that gift, and I’m so glad that my Aunt Doris has made it to triple digits. Today is Aunt Doris’ 100th birthday. Happy birthday Aunt Doris!! Have a wonderful day!! We love you!!

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