My grandnephew, Zack Spethman is such a sweet young man. He always has been. Since he was a little boy, Zack was a hugger. It’s a rare trait in a boy, especially as they get to the teenage years, to always hug the people they love. So many boys are embarrassed by aunts, uncles, and even parents who want to give them a hug. These boys are coming into manhood, after all. They have to act macho, or so many of them think, but not Zack. He is so confident in himself, that he feels totally comfortable hugging the people he loves. It really makes you feel special to know that this boy, now a man, seeks you out to tell you that he loves you. Zack is a very social person, and loves hanging out with all of his family and friends.

Zack has grown into a tall man now. He towers over the short women in our family, which is most of us. His mom, Jenny Spethman tells me that he is a momma’s boy, but she doesn’t mean that in a negative way. He and Jenny share a number of interests like hiking and climbing. Zack is always up for a hike with his mom, and she likes it, because not everyone wants to go. Nevertheless, Zack will always go climbing and hiking with her. He is also very good to his little sister, Aleesia, helping her with whatever she needs help with, and helping her with climbing to make sure she is safe. While he likes hanging out with his mom, Zack also like the guy things…especially hunting with his dad, Steve Spethman, and his brothers, Xander and Isaac. The guys are very good hunters, and always get enough to supply the family with meat for the next year. The hunts are great financial blessings to their family.

Zack is a smart kid. He was on the honor roll every quarter this year. With all the things Zack is good at, Trivia would not be something I would expect. In fact, Jenny says he has surprised everyone at how good he was at trivia. There is a lot more to Zack than sports and activities. He is a deep thinker too. He likes to reason things out, and he likes learning. I don’t know what his future plans are, but Zack can do anything he wants to do. Today is Zack’s 19th birthday. Happy birthday Zack!! Have a great day!! We love you!!

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