My sister-in-law, Jennifer Parmely has spent most of her adult life as a Labor and Delivery nurse at Wyoming Medical Center, but this past year, all that changed when Jennifer retired on February 28, 2023. Now, she has more than passed the first full year of her retirement. Sometimes, I wonder how she feels about the fact that she isn’t part of the intense, exciting daily deliveries of babies that she spent so many years experiencing. Like most professionals, Jennifer took the necessary continuing education courses to hold onto her license for one more year. When you have worked so hard to obtain that professional degree that has defined your life for so many years, you aren’t so keen on letting your licensing go. Not just yet…even though retirement is what you really want and what you have worked for.

Jennifer and her partner, Brian Cratty have a cabin on Casper Mountain, and they love spending time up there. They go hiking, skiing, bicycling, and just enjoying the peace and quiet. They have also traveled to many areas to do more hiking. It is their passion. Jennifer had the opportunity to go hiking in New Zealand, and thoroughly enjoyed it. They have hiked some very high mountain trails too. They also love to ski, both downhill and cross country. They spend lots of time at their cabin and love having their kids come up too.

Jennifer is Oma to her four grandchildren and enjoys having them spend the night and just hang out. Every year on their birthdays, they each get a solo shopping trip with her, and she bakes them the cake of their choice. She loves being Oma, which is German for Grandma, and was the name she chose for herself as a way to keep from confusing the kids when they were little. I remember calling her “Grandma” to one of them, and she looked at me quizzically, as if to say…Who? That was because she knew that I meant her Oma, and not her Grandma, which is her other Grandma. Hahaha!! Confused yet!! I was, but I learned quickly the right thing to call her!! Now it’s second nature. Jennifer is very happy being Oma to her three granddaughters and her grandson. Today is Jennifer’s birthday. Happy birthday Jennifer!! Have a great day!! We love you!!

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