My sister-in-law, Brenda Schulenberg has always been a hard-working career woman…or at least all of her adult life. Brenda started working at American National Bank right out of high school and has been in banking ever since. These days and for many years now, she is in human resources at Hilltop National Bank, and I’m pretty sure the place would fall apart without her. In fact, during Covid and even before that, when Brenda was in the hospital, they went way out of their way to get work to her so she could do what only she could do. During Covid, before it was decided that with a note, essential workers could go to work, the bank got a computer for her to have at home so that her vital work could continue.

One might think that Human Resources would only entail hiring and firings, but there is much more to it, at Hilltop National Bank anyway. One might also think that banking is an 8 to 5 job, but not in Human Resources at Hilltop National Bank. Part of what Brenda does…a big part of what she does, is payroll and tax prep for the bank and many other businesses too. Payroll and taxes wait for no man, and so Brenda often ends up working for 8:00am to 10:00pm. Yes, Brenda works too hard, but nobody else wants to do that job. They have hired many people with the plan of helping Brenda, but none have lasted very long. It seems that people don’t like those long hours. Go figure!!

Another part of Brenda’s job, and the one that is causing her to work lots of hours right now, is when the bank has a software conversion. You might think that only happens once in ten years or so, and you might be right, but it sure seems like it happens more often than that. I can personally recall several software conversions Brenda has been a part of, and I don’t work with her. Most of us think of a software update, and it’s usually a simple download, that is over in a few minutes or an hour, and then everything is updated and finished, but that is not how these updates work. A bank has many complicated systems, and with security issues these days, they have to keep things safe and up to date for their customers. Hacking is a big issue, and customers demand that the bank protect their money, and rightfully so. That means that the bank has to be up to date on all aspects of security, as well as allowing the customer to have safe access to their money. Brenda is always a part of that process, and the bank depends on that. I still have no idea what they are going to do when she decides to retire. I guess time will tell. They will have to figure it out someday. Today is Brenda’s 60th birthday. Happy birthday Brenda!! Have a great day!! We love you!!

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