My niece, Gaby Beach spent much of her post high school years in the Navy. She worked very hard to get there, and continues to be an exercise enthusiast, and an inspiration to many people who would love to have such determination to stick to a program. She needed to get in shape to get into the Navy, and she wasn’t going to let anything stand in her way, especially something like a lack of determination. Now, she works out just about every day, because she doesn’t ever want to go back to a time when she was not physically fit.

While in the Navy, Gaby had the opportunity to be involved in a program that brought dogs into hospitals for the purpose of healing through comfort. Gaby loved that program, and since my mother-in-law was in a nursing home the last 5 years of her life, I can attest to the value of these dogs. So many of the residents loved the dogs that belonged to employees of the facility, and who wandered around the facility, “making their rounds” as it were. They were almost like little canine doctors. The experience was precious. The work Gaby did there was a benefit to many people.

Gaby has been a student for much of her life too, because she wants to prepare for her chosen career in nursing. Beginning January 20th, she will begin the journey through nursing school, and we are all very excited for her. During her time in the Navy, Gaby worked as a corpsman, so nursing is right up her alley. She was stationed in Japan, when she met my nephew, Allen Beach, and they have been married for four years now.

While Allen was going to school, Gaby worked, and then once Allen was hired by Wyoming Medical Center, it was Gaby’s turn. They moved to Casper, and she began the pre-requisites for the nursing program. Once those were done, she applied and was accepted into the program, and now she is waiting excitedly for the semester to begin. Gaby knows a lot about the nursing field, having come from a corpsman background, so there should be no surprises for her in the program. It is an exciting journey, and I am excited for her. Nursing school is a lot of hard work, but I know that she will do just fine, and very soon, she will be Nurse Gaby. Today is Gaby’s birthday. Happy birthday Gaby!! Have a great day!! We love you!!

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  • Hey, I LOVE LOVE LOVE This article, it. literally was right in line with myself, business partners, my best friends- IE my dogs, and our goals. Now I have a question would you or honestly your niece be willing to do do a guest blog on my site. I would try to do the same if you want! My ultimate goals are to start a school with on site campus to help veterans and seniors obtain service dogs, emotional Support dogs, and therapy dogs…..yes we will train the dogs and teams here and help those out with anything else they need help with, including physical health- as I love to Run with my dogs and do DOga etc…….Canines do in fact make the best doctors and to think all they want i return is unconditional love (and a treat- a small dog Biscuit will do! LOL!) I WISH GABBY THE BEST OF LUCK, and know she has the support through school of Allen. I would also love to WISH Gabby, NURSE Gabby- as she is already acting as such- a VEry Happy Birthday!

  • Love hospitals and facilities that allow dogs in to visit with the patients. I have a friend who is a nurse and she says it makes such a difference in their day. Good luck to Gaby and she looks forward to her future endeavors.

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