My grandniece, Taylor Masterson is growing up so fast. I can’t believe that this is her 16th birthday already. I remember when she was born, and how excited everyone was that she managed to July 7, 2007 (07-07-07) date, without any help. That was the way her natural delivery went. Now 16 years later, she is learning to drive and looking for a job…in fact, she has an interview at Wendy’s. They emailed her 10 minutes after she put in the application, saying they wanted to interview her. Very exciting.

Taylor is such a beautiful soul. She loves “her” people so deeply. She has a very caring nature, and she tries to make sure everyone around her is happy and comfortable…sometimes sacrificing her own comfort. It hard to be the kind of person who is always taking care of others and never taking care of themselves. Her mom, Dustie Masterson hopes that one day soon, Taylor will learn to take care of herself in the same way she takes care of everyone else. Dustie tells me that she has never known someone with such a pure loving heart, and truly, anyone who knows Taylor can attest to that loving heart. She is a blessing form God to all of us who have been blessed enough to know her. One thing you don’t always see, unless you know her well, is Taylor’s funny side. Nevertheless, if she is in a mood, she will tell the best, cheesiest “dad” jokes ever!!

Taylor, her sister, Rae (Raelynn), and Dustie have started doing diamond art together most nights, since Dustie transferred stores (Walgreen’s, where she works). Dustie tells me that it has been amazing for her to get the opportunity to spend that hour or so with her girls…to just hang out and chill. Even Taylor’s brother, Matt will come upstairs and chat with them while they work on their art. It is something they all enjoy, because it’s been a while since they were really able to just spend time together doing something enjoyable. I didn’t know what diamond art was, so I had to look it up. Diamond Art is a hobby where you stick diamond jewels onto a pattern to look like a mosaic. Sometimes called diamond art painting (although there is no paint involved). The pictures are really pretty, and they add a bit of sparkle to the room.

Taylor is learning to cook and is meticulous about doing things right. She was learning to dice vegetables, and she was careful to do it right. She didn’t chop them up and then have to go back and fix it, she diced them the first time. There are many things that Taylor would not tell you about herself, because she is not the type of person to “blow her own horn.” She is a quiet person when she is around people she doesn’t know well, but then when she gets to know you, her true self comes out. It’s when you get to know Taylor’s true self that you are truly blessed, because she is a wonderful girl. Today is Taylor’s 16th birthday. Happy Sweet 16 Taylor!! have a great day!! we love you!!

On February 28th, my oldest grandson, Chris turned 16. It was an epic day in his life. He got his driver’s license, and got to start driving his own car to school, as well as picking up his brother, which they both think is cool. With that license will come driving himself to and from work, and other errands for himself and his parents. It is a great time in a kid’s life…usually.

And it was for Chris too…until today. Chris was in his swimming class today. His swimming teacher wants the kids to warm up before getting into the pool, and so they run relay’s on the wrestling mats that are in between the pool and the bleachers. The mats are there to keep the kids from slipping and spraining an ankle. In theory this might work, but Chris caught his toe on the mat, bending it over, under the rest of his foot, and fell.

Chris figured he had broken his toe, and that there wasn’t much to be done with it. So, he went through the rest of the school day, Wendy’s for lunch, picked up his brother, Josh, and then to work to get his check. The he decided to stop and show it to his grandma…me. We talked about it a bit, and in looking at it, I felt like it might be more than a broken toe, and called his mom, my daughter, Corrie.

Chris was very concerned about going to Urgent Care, because if they had to cast his foot, he might not be able to take his driving final for Driver’s Ed. That would mean a completely wasted quarter, because he would fail Driver’s Ed. That would also mean that he would not get the discounts that go with having completed the course. I tried to reassure him that perhaps they could wrap his foot today and cast it after his driving class, but he still left my office a little worried…both about his final, and his job at Johnny J’s Diner.

Corrie and Kevin, left work immediately and took Chris to Urgent Care. They took 3 x-rays and determined that he had broken the bone that connects his toe to the upper part of his foot. He basically tried to rip his toe off and that caused a half circle break. That was the bad news. The good news is that at least for tonight, he was given a boot cast, which can be taken off for his driving final…whew!! The rest of the good news is that he was cleared to work, since his job doesn’t require heavy use of his foot. That was a big relief to both Chris and his manager.

Chris will still have to go see an Orthopedic doctor, but the news looks pretty good. Chris will have to adapt his driving a little, but I’m sure he can manage that. He is pretty good at adapting to the the changes in his life. In fact, his dad, Kevin took him out in his car tonight to see how it would go, and he did very well. He will still take off the boot for the driving final, but he is going to do ok. Chris is very motivated, because he is one of the top two kids in the class and he doesn’t want to lose his standing. I know he will come out on top of this situation, but all I can say is…what a way to start sixteen.

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