My grandniece, Katy Herr is living her dream life of being a wife and mother. She and her husband, Dylan are parents of Max Robert Herr, who was born on June 14, 2020, and is now coming up on three years old. The day Max was born was literally one of the happiest days of Katy’s life. She had wanted to be a mom for so long, and now she is loving every minute of it. I most often see Katy when she is doing her shopping at Walmart…isn’t that where everyone sees people. It seems to be the place we meet up with all our friends and family. Katy and Max are always having such sweet mommy-son moments. She is totally focused on him and he loves the attention she gives him.

They also “workout” together, or in reality. Katy works out and Max is her self-appointed personal trainer, and he takes his job very seriously, regularly “kicking his mom’s butt” with the exercises he makes her do. While it’s a lot of work, and probably very tiring, Max keeps her focused, and as his daddy says, “29 looks amazing” on her. It just goes to show you that hard work and a “brutal” trainer will definitely produce a great outcome. Katy should get some of the credit, I suppose, after all, she is the one doing the workout and sticking with the program. No workout program is easy, because our bodies are naturally “lazy” and would rather sit and watch television. Sticking with a workout plan, like Katy has done, takes perseverance and determination.

Dylan owns several branches of Red Wing Shoe Stores in Colorado and Wyoming, with his dad and brother. He participates in charitable giving, and Katy is the perfect person to have by his side at these events. They make a very handsome couple. They are both very involved in the community of Casper, where they live. Max is their smiling little sidekick, and he puts a smile on their faces every day. Dylan is Katy’s soulmate, and together, they are building a beautiful life. I am very happy for them. When Katy met Dylan, her life change like taking a complete 180° turn. Prior to that she was doing ok, but not like the change that took place when she met Dylan. Then life was grand. Today is Katy’s birthday. Happy birthday Katy!! Have a great day!! We love you!!

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