My son-in-law, Travis Royce is a fun-loving guy. He loves to entertain, because he is very entertaining. He has never heard a joke he doesn’t know the punchline for. He just always remembers those things. I’m sure it’s because they make sense to him. A true comedienne not only always remembers the punchline, but they can make up jokes as they go along. For them, the world is a funny place. I love talking to him, because he always brings something fun to the table.

Travis is a man of many talents. One of my favorites is his ability to play the guitar. I love watching him play…not just listening…watching. His face always shows just how much he is into the music. Travis likes all kinds of music…some more than others, but I was surprised to find that one of his favorite kinds of music is Blues. To me, that seemed like kind of an “old fashioned” genre, so to think that my son-in-law liked it, was a strange thought. I thought most “kids” likes rock and roll. Of course, Travis isn’t a kid anymore, but he was when he started liking Blues. At the time, he was DJ in Casper, Wyoming. He left that career behind in 2015, when he and my daughter, Amy Royce moved their family to the Pacific Northwest. Still, the love of music and the love of making music stayed with him…and those who have heard him play, have been the beneficiaries of his talents.

Travis loves spending time outdoors…now that the climate they live in is milder. He has worked hard to make their favorite hangout, their backyard, into a peaceful and relaxing oasis for them. They spend lots of time relaxing around their fire pit in the evenings. It is such a peaceful way to end a long workday. Travis works in a big supply warehouse. They deliver for places like Etsy. He really enjoys the work, and also the lack of dealing with the public. It’s almost like working from home, but he isn’t at the house. Of course, I’m sure that he would rather be at their house, but this would be the second-best possibility for him. Nevertheless, for Travis and Amy, the best place to be in their opinions would be in their own back yard. They love the peace and quiet of their home just past the edge of town. I never would have figured that they would want to be living in the country, but again, they surprised me in that. I always figured they would want to live in town…closer to the action. Still, they are close enough to get to whatever they need, or whatever they want to do. That’s all the matters. Today is Travis’ birthday. Happy birthday Travis!! Have a great day!! We love you!!

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