With so many “normal” days, it’s nice, every once in a while, to have a day to be funny. April Fools’ Day is known for several things. Some people think of it as a day to point out the stupidity of other people, but I think that the pranks that go along with April Fools’ Day are just a great way to make people laugh…and let’s face it…we all need to laugh more. Sometimes we get so tied up in our busy little world, trying to get everything done that we need to get done in our busy day. To take a day “off” to be silly, seems so odd, and yet we can’t help ourselves. Pulling a prank is just so hard to resist.

Looking back on the years of my childhood, and all the fun we had on April Fools’ Day, I actually feel blessed that we had been raised with a good sense of humor. I know that lots of people get angry about a prank played on them, but when you have grown up with the ability to take a joke, you find that you enjoy a good prank…as long as it’s in good clean fun and not to specifically hurt anyone. The jokes my parents played were of that caliber. We would do things like switch the salt for the sugar, a spider in your hair, or a rip in your jeans…not that the rip in the jeans prank would do any good these days. Some people go all out, like telling someone their car was stolen or placing a rubber snake in their bed. I’m sure some pranks can be a little over the top, and can even backfire on the prankster, but most are done good naturedly, and are taken as such. And then, there is always the best part, for the prankster…yelling “April Fools” to their victim.

Lots of April Fools’ Day pranks don’t really fool anyone, but a good natured “victim” will usually pretend that they were fooled, so the prankster isn’t “bummed out” and that’s fun too. Sometimes it’s more fun to be the victim than it is to be the prankster…well, maybe not, but it’s usually just as much fun. Happy April Fools’ Day everyone. I hope you had at least one prank played on you, and I hope you got to play one on someone else too.

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