This past year has been such an exciting year for my grandniece, Siara Kirk. Siara got married to her husband Chris on July 23, 2022, and they have been so happy. Still, they knew that their lives needed something more…a family. With that goal in mind, Siara and Chris began planning their future. Things moved along quickly, as you might expect, and by May, they were expecting a sweet baby boy, though they didn’t know it at that time…that news came at the end of June. For any of you who don’t know, Siara lost her son, Alec on January 25, 2020, so this baby is her “Rainbow Baby” and Chris’ first child.

With the addition of their new son, came the need for a bigger place to live, and when the house next door to Siara’s parents, Chantel and Dave Balcerzak, came available, they jumped at the chance. The two couples are more than parents and children, they are best friends too, so the house next door is a great blessing. I’ve always thought that it would be cool to have grandchildren who could just pop in at my house periodically to play. Siara and Chris’ son will have that kind of relationship with his grandparents. I am so excited for all of them to be able to have this kind of special relationship with each other, and with the future grandbabies.

With the purchase of the house, which gave them lots of room to grow, also came a few projects…mostly painting, but not all painting. Some of the rooms had some wild color choices, so they had to do multiple coats to fully cover them. With Siara being pregnant, she was unable to help in the painting, due to the fumes. So, Siara and her mom worked on simply getting the decorations together. They did a beautiful job. They were, of course, under a bit of a time crunch, because by the time they bought the house in early October, the time until the baby arrives was already getting short. They quickly got to work flipping the house to make it their own, and by the time of the housewarming/baby shower, they were done. It is a beautiful home, and now everything is ready for Baby Kirk to arrive by the 15th of this month. Several of us had hoped for a New Year’s Baby, which would also make it on Siara’s great grandma, Collene Spencer’s birthday, but that was not to be. I suppose there is still time for him to come on Siara’s birthday, since she has to have a Caesarian delivery, but again he is going to have to get busy. Either way, he will arrive when he’s ready or on the scheduled date for the Caesarian which ever it happens to be. Baby birthday or not, today is Siara’s 30th birthday. Happy birthday Siara!! Have a great day!! We love you!!

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