When things started to change for the worse at the hospital where my nephew, Allen Beach and his wife, Gaby worked, they decided to get ahead of the situation. So, they made the move to Eugene, Oregon in search of a better life for themselves. Now, a little over a year later, they are nicely settled, and loving their jobs. Gaby works at the Veteran’s Administration, working in a VA Hospital, while Allen works as a Care Management Associate for Aetna. Allen works with doctors to coordinate care plans that align with Aetna health insurance, which was acquired by CVS a few years ago. Allen works out of his home, which as we all know is a fairly new phenomenon these days, stepped up with the Covic pandemic. Nevertheless, while working from home seemed strange to many of us, it is looked upon as rather a primo kind of job these days, and Allen is totally loving it…and I’m sure their dog, Oly loves it too.

Allen and Gaby like to take walks through a beautiful park they found along the Willamette River, and they try to get out and take Oly for walks as often as they can. Right now, they are renting, but as soon as the housing market settles down, they are planning to buy another house. They loved their house here in Casper, Wyoming, and I’m sure it was hard to go back to renting. Now that they are both settled in jobs, and they know that they like the area, they are ready for take the next step and buy a house again.

My sister, Caryl (Allen’s mom) and her husband, Mike Reed took a trip to visit Allen and Gaby in early November, and they all had a great time. Caryl and Mike took their motorhome, and they took a week to travel along the Oregon Coast. Allen and Gaby had such a great time. They are looking forward to more trips along the coast now that they’ve seen some of the towns with Caryl and Mike. Their trip down the coast included Crater Lake, which was a place our parents, Allen’s grandparents, Allen and Collene Spencer loved to go. I love the picture of Allen and Gaby there. I wish I had known they were there, because I would have had them take a picture like the one his grandparents took. Maybe next time they go there. I’m happy they love their new city, and glad for Caryl and Mike that it isn’t too awfully far away. I’m sure there will be lots of future visits. Today is Allen’s birthday. Happy birthday Allen!! Have a great day!! We love you!!

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