When people are camping, the first rule is to make sure trash and leftover food are stored in airtight containers and that trash is disposed of far away from the campsite. The problem with food and trash left out in a campground is that the wild animals like the smell of these things, and they tend to come into camp at night when everyone is asleep. Before long the food they first found is gone, and they are looking for the next big score. Of course, not every animal is really dangerous when they get around food or trash, but many are. It is necessary to be careful around wild animals.

By the same token, it isn’t unusual for campers to have their favorite beverage in the camp…often beer. And yes, humans tend to sometimes overdo their drinking and end up making fools of themselves because they are intoxicated. Sometimes they even get themselves into heated situations…ie arguments. Some people have even been kicked out of campgrounds for their intoxicated behavior, but we aren’t the only species that has a taste for alcohol. Believe it or not, animals like to indulge too, it they can get a hold of it.

One family found this out the hard way, in Port Hedland, Western Australia. It was the middle of the night, when a commotion was heard outside of a tent in the middle of the night. The campers turned on their torches and found a feral pig tearing open their supply of beer. By the time the pig finished the beer and headed off to look for food, it had consumed 18 cans of beer. Beer pretty much having the same kind of effect on the pig as it can on humans, the pig began to feel like he was invincible, so he decided to take on with a cow that was minding its own business nearby. Unfortunately, the pig came off on the losing end of the battle, when another group of campers nearby, saw that the pig was being chased around their vehicle by a cow” Following the pig’s “ordeal,” the sheer amount of alcohol finally took its toll, and the pig passed out underneath a tree. Later, it was said that the police were reportedly trying to track down the pig. Apparently, the pig managed to elude the police and make its way home. What were the police planning to “charge” the pig with anyway…RUI (Running Under the Influence)??

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