When my brother-in-law, Mike Stevens retired on July 1, 2022, our nephew, Ryan Hadlock, who had worked with his uncle for quite some time at Contango Energy, was promoted to the position. Ryan hadn’t been groomed for the new position, but they saw something in him…the ability to excel. Now, over a year later, Ryan is doing great at his job. He really enjoys the work, is well respected, and always received high praise from his bosses. Ryan knew the work that the men under him were to do, because that was the work he had done, but knowing the job, isn’t what makes him good at being a supervisor. That is something that not everyone can do, but Ryan is quite good at it.

Ryan is quite handy in many ways. He and his wife, Chelsea recently helped his parents, Chris and Allyn Hadlock replace an old fence on their property. They did a great job, and now that fence will stand strong for a number of years to come. Fencing is hard work, but Ryan is no stranger to hard work, and he really loved helping his parents. Ryan likes working with his hands. This past summer, he and Chelsea rebuilt the retaining wall at their house. Chelsea was quite impressed with Ryan’s abilities on the jackhammer, that he used to get the old wall out. I’ve never used a jackhammer, but I’ve heard that the person using it had better be pretty strong, because it’s quite the job.

Like his dad, Ryan could be an expert carpenter, but recently, Ryan has found that he is interested in watches, and the repair thereof. For anyone who has ever seen the inside of a watch, you know that there are about a zillion very small pieces in there, and if everything isn’t put back together just right, the watch will not work, so watch repair is another very impressive thing that Ryan can add to his list of capabilities.

Ryan and Chelsea are a part of a “football family” which comes stands to reason, when on person in the family is a coach of a college football team. That said, they go to quite a few of the Wyoming Cowboys football games. What is not quite so common is for them to attend the away games. This Saturday, that is going to change, however, because they will be heading to Colorado Springs for the Air Force vs Wyoming Cowboys game. Since it will be a first for them, I hope that the Cowboys can bring home the win. Of course, I always hope the Cowboys will bring home a win, because the members of this family are Pokes fans all the way.

Ryan has decided to join the ranks of many men at this time, by growing out and keeping a beard. t is a trend these days, and many of the men I know wear a beard, so while it will be different on Ryan, it will not be that unusual in our family. I know it will look very nice, and I’m sure his family will be subjected to our family’s famous “whisker rub” that was started by my dad, Al Spencer. Ryan is a teaser from way back, so I’m sure he is looking forward to that tradition too. Today is Ryan’s birthday. Happy birthday Ryan!! Have a great day!! We love you!!

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