My niece, Dustie Masterson, joined our family a little over twenty years ago, when she married my nephew, Rob Masterson. They were perfect for each other from the very start, and they have built a wonderful life together. In addition to Rob’s daughter Christina Masterson, they added Raelynn, Matt, and Taylor to their family. Rob’s thought on his sweet wife, “She’s a looker!!” That says it all doesn’t it. Rob is so in love with his bride, and as it goes with long term marriages, the love grows stronger and sweeter every day.

A few years back, Dustie switched jobs, going from Sam’s Club to Walgreen’s. Now she is assistant manager at Walgreen’s. Part of becoming the assistant manager or manager (down the road) is that she must study and obtain her pharmacy assistant license. For many people, that could be a daunting task. Dustie passed the test on her first try, something she and everyone else, is quite proud of. Dustie absolutely loves her job, and she is so good at it. Dustie is one of those bosses who has the ability to make people want to do well. They want to make her proud of them. They work hard to please her. That’s loyalty.

While Dustie loves her job, her real world is her family. They are her reason for living. She is so proud of each of them. She encourages them to do well and supports them no matter what. Dustie is such a positive influence on her whole family. Recently, Rob had to have a procedure done on his knee. It’s basically burning the nerves to reduce pain. Radiofrequency Ablation (its scientific name) sounds awful, but patients can return to normal activity sooner than other procedures. Still, Rob was down for a time. Dustie and the kids took care of him while he recuperated. It’s all just part of what she does. Dustie has also been known to help my sister, her mother-in-law, Cheryl Masterson whenever she is able. She has a very kind and giving heart, but Dustie also has a great sense of humor. She loves joking around with her family and friends, and in general just being silly. I think Dustie takes the view that if you can’t laugh and smile, then you need to take on a new outlook…one that includes God. I think she is right. Truly, Dustie has been a friend to all of our family from the moment we first met her. Her sweet personality, and willingness to join our family as not just an in-law, but as one of us, makes her fit right in. I can’t imagine our lives without Dustie in them. Today is Dustie’s birthday. Happy birthday Dustie!! Have a great day!! We love you!!

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