My nephew, Riley Birky has changed so much over the years that he has been a part of our family. Riley is the middle child and eldest son of my sister-in-law, Rachel Schulenberg, who sadly passed away in 2021. Riley has grown and changed in the years that I have known him, but I can say that Riley is a soft-hearted man, who is a gentle and loving partner, dad, and brother. His family is so blessed to have him in their lives. Riley and his fiancée, Sierah Martin make their home in Byron, Wyoming. It is a small town, but that’s the way they like it. Riley grew up in Powell, Wyoming, so small town seem to really suit him best, and a small town is the place he wants to raise his family. It provides them with everything they love to do, like fishing and hiking.

The greatest blessing in Riley’s life has been his sweet partner, Sierah Martin, and the birth of his son, Ryder Birky, who was born on July 26, 2022. That was an epic day in Riley’s life. He has a heart of gold, and it is big enough to allow for not only his fiancée and their son, but also his bonus son, Jace Swan, to whom Riley is a wonderful dad. Riley has also stepped up where his little brother, Tucker Schulenberg is concerned. Riley has extended his dad skills into being there for Tucker when he needs him most. Losing their mother, at such a young age was so hard on the boys and their sister Cassie, and Riley raising his brother is an amazing show of love for him, and for their mom. Riley has a heart of gold, and it is as big as Texas. He has been through a lot is his relatively young life, and he is using his life experience to be a great blessing to his family.

Riley loves being a family man. The house they live in, in Byron is filled with love, laughter, and lots of voices. Having three children in the house, even if one is almost grown, makes for a lot of noise. Nevertheless, Riley and Sierah are awesome parents of boys. They understand them, and most of the time, they don’t even mind the noise that comes with three boys. Riley loves being in the outdoors, and all outdoor sports, especially fishing, and he loves teaching the boys about whatever he is doing. He has a lot of patience with their questions, and their childlike clumsiness. No child is a born expert, after all. It takes nurturing and patience on the part of their teacher and mentor, and Riley is a great mentor. He wants to teach the boys about whatever he is doing and make their lives rich in knowledge and love. He is a great dad, and a wonderful blessing to the boys and to Sierah!! Today is Riley’s birthday. Happy birthday Riley!! Have a great day!! We love you!!

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