My nephew, Tucker Schulenberg is a younger uncle, and while many people might think that would seem weird, Tucker loves every minute of it. He has been an uncle for much of his life, really, because his big sister, Cassie Franklin has three kids, Lucas, Zoey, and Alicen. Tucker is also uncle to his brother, Riley Birky’s two boys, Jace (Riley’s bonus son) and Ryder. Tucker loves kids and is a great source of entertainment for them. He is a teenager, but he is and probably always will be a kid at heart. Tucker is a source of help to his brother, Riley and his fiancée, Sierah Martin. He helps out with watching their boys and keeping them happy and out of trouble. The little boys look up to him and like most little kids, want to be just like their uncle.

Tucker, went through some tough times after his mom, Rachel Schulenberg passed away. Rachel was such a great mom, and these days, Tucker and his siblings just try to live in a way that would make her proud of them. It’s hard to believe that Rachel has been gone now for going on 3 years. Tucker has grown up so much in those years, and I know his mom would be amazed at the young man he has become. He has gone from being an early teenager, to a young man who will soon have his driver’s license and be able to help out running errands, and possible even have a job.

Tucker isn’t really a fan of traditional school, but it is my hope that he will at least continue his schooling online. I know that school is hard, but it is a necessary part of growing up, and I know his mom would want him to have the best education he can get. I think Tucker probably has a mechanical mind like his dad, Ron Schulenberg, uncles and cousins. It tends to run in the family, and his brother likes to tinker as well. Whatever Tucker decides to do with his life, I know he will be successful and will make his mom proud. She loved her children so much, and always wanted the best for them. Tucker is a sweet young man, and I know he will become a great adult too. Today is Tucker’s 16th birthday. Happy birthday Tucker!! Have a great day!! We love you!!

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