My great grandniece, Alice Green is growing ups so fast. It shocks me sometimes. When school starts this year, she will be in middle school as a 6th grader. That is the beginning of a whole new world. The reality is that she isn’t a little girl anymore. She middle school is when girls start getting into boys, makeup, and their appearance in general. A girl has to look good no matter who she is hanging out with at the time. Alice is no exception. Her personality is changing, and she is thinking about more grownup things. Baby dolls and toys are a thing of the past now, unless she is playing with her younger siblings, Izabella and Jaxx Harman. Then, she makes an exception an reverts to her little girl ways for just a little while.

Alice loves her siblings very much, and her sister, Izabella “Belle” is one of her best friends. They have been since Belle was born. Alice had been an only child for the first three years of her life, and Alice had been wanting a sibling for a while. Other kids she knew had siblings, and she wanted some too. Then, suddenly, she had one…and then two. She felt very blessed. Of course, Alice and her siblings fight sometimes, like all siblings do. Nevertheless, they still love each other very much.

Alice has such a great sense of humor and is so ornery sometimes just like her dad, Jake Harman. Jake came into her life when she was about 2 years old, but he has definitely rubbed off on her. Jake is a funny character, who loves to laugh. Alice and her dad are hilarious together, and they keep the whole family in stitches. In many other ways, Alice is like her mom though. In fact, she is her mom, Melanie Harman’s “little mini me” as well. Like her mom, she is a little bit clumsy and loves music, and then there are her looks, so much like her mom. Her parents can’t believe how much she has grown and changed over the years. Before they know it, she will be a teenager, and then all bets are off, but that is a couple of years yet. Today is Alice’s 11th birthday. Happy birthday Alice!! Have a great day!! We love you!!

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