My father-in-law, Walt Schulenberg was such a sweet man, and I miss him very much. He had a gentle yet funny personality, and he was a friend to anyone who knew him. I think that was what made it easy to meet him that first time. When you go to your future in-laws’ home for the first time, you are naturally nervous, but he made me feel at ease, and I have loved him like a second dad ever since. My life was so blessed. I had parents who loved me and who were so good to me, and then I got in-laws that anyone would love to have. How did I get so blessed? I think it was his great personality that made my father-in-law a beloved employee wherever he worked.

My father-in-law held a number of jobs over the years, and even the years that I knew him. He worked as a mechanic for Pathfinder Mines (uranium) for a number of years. He quit once an went to work elsewhere, before deciding to go back for a time before switching to maintenance work for Casper College in the mid 80s. While he enjoyed many of his jobs, I think that the years he drove bus for the Casper College T-Birds were some of his favorite years. Not only did he enjoy the students he transported to games, but he got to see some places he might not have been able to see otherwise, and it didn’t cost him anything to go…in fact, he was paid for it. That works.

His working career was long and varied, but I think his retirement years were his real favorites. He had a barn shop in the back yard of his house, and it was there that he got his tinkering fix. He loved to make things and was a skilled carpenter, lawn chair refurbisher, toy maker, rock layer, and a number of other things. He was always coming up with new ideas, both for gifts and to sell at the craft fairs his wife Joann Schulenberg and daughter, Brenda Schulenberg loved to do. My father-in-law was a very social person, and really enjoys talking to people. He could often be found standing out in his front yard visiting with people who would stop to look at his wind yard ornaments. It was his recreation, of sorts. He needed that…right up to the end. Today would have been my father-in-law’s 94th birthday. Happy birthday in Heaven, Dad. We love and miss you very much.

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