My grandniece, Jala Satterwhite had a traumatic situation this summer with her sweet little fur baby, Murphy. Murphy is a silly and curious cat, who managed to get herself in a real pickle in the middle of July. She swallowed something and ended up with a stomach obstruction that could have ended her life. That would have been devastating for Jala, because…well, Murphy is her baby!! In a panic, she rushed her baby to a vet, and was told first that nothing could be done, and then Lifetime Small Animal Hospital took her when no one else would. That solved the care problem, but then there was the “money problem” that surgery always brings. To operate on Murphy, would cost $2300…money Jala didn’t have.

That was when Jala’s “Fur Miracle” started. A couple of people, Eliza Hurst and Monica Bennett, set up a Venmo fund raiser and got the word out that little Murphy needed the help of the community. The entire community of Powell, Wyoming stepped up for the cause. Eliza and Monica’s daughters set up a lemonade stand, with the proceeds to go to Murphy’s care too, and sales went very well. Jala was shocked at just how quickly the community came together to make sure Murphy’s funds were paid, so she could get the best care, and so she could come home to Jala! Jala was blessed beyond anything she thought could possibly happen, and just writing about it is cause tears of joy for me. What a great blessing the community of Powell has been to Jala and to Murphy. The surgery was a great success, and Murphy is back to her “normal silly self, was so happy to be back home, and is recovering well.”

In the end, the community collected enough for follow-up visits and care, meaning that the miracle just continues on. The community came to Jala’s rescue so quickly, that all the funds were raised within 24 hours! It was amazing! Jala’s friend Eliza Hurst did all the work out of the kindness of her heart! Jala’s mom, Susam Griffith was also very grateful, because in her words, “This cat goes EVERYWHERE with her, and everywhere with us when we babysit. She calls her – her child. Haha!!!” It’s so hard to watch your child (even if they are grown up) go through something like this, and Susan was so amazed and pleased with how the community came together to help her girl and her fur baby!! Jala is a sweet loving girl, and it warms my heart to see so many people step up to help her. Today is Jala’s birthday, and now it will be a very blessed birthday. Happy birthday Jala!! We are so happy you still have Murphy!! Have a great day!! We love you!!

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