My nephew, JD Parmely is a basic workaholic, just like his uncles and his brothers. He works all day as a mechanic for Ken’s Auto Repair, and then goes home, eats dinner, and spends the next few hours working on cars in his garage. In fact, sometimes he might work into the “wee hours” of the morning, if he needs to get something done. Of course, that means he will most likely sleep in the next morning, so don’t look for him too early after an all nighter. Mechanic work is the only work JD ever wanted to do, and he went to school for it in Phoenix, Arizona…in what he said was the hottest place ever, and he couldn’t wait to leave. Still, it was a good school for him, and he got what he needed to land a good job in his career of choice.

JD is also a caraholic, and I don’t mean it the sense that he works on cars, but rather that he loves to “own” cars. He must have a dozen of them, all insured, and he is the only driver. Some people might think JD is crazy, but I say, “It’s up to him.” He loves his cars, and there is no law against the cars he has. JD drives all of his cars at different times, because, as any mechanic knows, you have to drive your car periodically to keep everything lubricated and in good working order.

While JD enjoys working on his own cars, he has a heart for other people, and is always there to help others with their car problems. And sometimes the help he gives has nothing to do with cars, but rather farm equipment on his brother, Eric Parmely’s farm. JD loves going out to Eric and his wife, Ashley’s farm, if for no other reason, to see his nieces, Reagan, Hattie, and Maeve Parmely, and nephew, Bowen. JD loves kids, and even babysits once in a while. JD is like a big kid, really. Kids relate to him, because he is really a big kid himself. He still remembers how to have fun, and what it’s like to be a kid. Nevertheless, JD is a hardworking man, who feels a sense of responsibility toward his fellowman. That’s why he is always so willing to help people out. Today is JD’s birthday. Happy birthday JD!! Have a great day!! We love you!!

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