Like school children, my nephew, Shannon Moore’s birthday always falls during his vacation from school, or in his case, work. Nevertheless, Shannon’s work is tied to school, because he is the assistant coach for the Wyoming Cowboys football team. He is also their tight ends coach and helps with special teams too. His job allows for time off in the summer, so he is able to have his birthday off each year…a very nice thing for him and his family.

Shannon is a great dad. Being a teacher, he loves to teach their daughter, Mackenzie new things. This year’s big event is that Mackenzie can now jump off of the diving board at the pool, and then swim to the side. That’s pretty impressive for a 6-year-old girl. Mackenzie trusts her daddy implicitly, and if he thinks she can do it, she is fearless. The two of them have a beautiful daddy-daughter relationship and it is a delight to his wife, my niece, Lindsay Moore. Shannon is a great teacher, and that is what makes him a great coach.

Shannon has a true servant’s heart though and that has been so obvious this year. The family has gone through so many things over the past few years, and Shannon’s servant’s heart and giving nature has been made so clear tp Lindsay in this year of trial. Shannon is ready and willing t help anyone in need, with anything they need. He knows how it feels to go through tough things, and he wants to make the road a little easier for anyone he can. He is genuinely happy to help…to serve, and Lindsay can tell it comes from a loving heart, as can anyone who knows this beautiful couple. Shannon is a giver, as so is Lindsay. They both serve the Lord with gladness, even in adversity. They let nothing get them down, even loss. I have never seen such devotion to God, no matter what a person is facing. They have been able to see God’s blessings in their lives no matter what.

Shannon has loved Lindsay since the moment they met, and she feels exactly the same way. They are so perfect for each other, and they as such a loving couple. It is so sweet to see them acting like newlyweds even after almost ten years of marriage. As Lindsay says, “Obviously, I love Shannon, we love Shannon, everyone loves Shannon!” She is right, of course, we do all love Shannon. And Lindsay wanted me to make sure that I mentioned that “He’s SUPER HANDSOME!” Today is Shannon’s birthday. Happy birthday Shannon!! Have a great day!! We love you!!

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