My grandniece, Maeve Parmely is a sweet little girl, who is very quiet around people she doesn’t know well…even family. Nevertheless, once you find something that you have in common with her, she will come out of her shell, and can be a little chatterbox. Maeve, being a baby of the Covid era, sent her first couple of years around her family and grandparents…almost exclusively. That made her very leery of strangers, which her extended family had quickly become, but that is all in the past now. Maeve is growing up so quickly, and she is becoming an amazing little girl. Where once was a baby in need of lots of care, there now stands a girl who is capable of doing so many things. She may be the youngest in the family, but she is showing herself to be very diversified in her activities.

As the youngest of four children, spending time with the older kids, Reagan, Hattie, and Bowen, is very important to Maeve. She looks up to them and wants to be like them. We all know that older siblings are the coolest, as far as the younger siblings are concerned. Whether it’s hanging out in the playhouse their dad, Eric built; playing in a pile of leaves together; hiking up to Garden Creek Falls with the family; cross-country skiing on the mountain; or sleep overs with the grandparents, Jennifer Parmely and Brian Cratty or Kari and Albert Eighmy; Maeve is having a great time at everything she does.

Maeve is in pre-school this year and is busily learning to write the alphabet. Of course, like most kids, her favorite thing to do at school, is to go out to the playground. I don’t know of an elementary aged child who doesn’t like recess best. Maeve is being raised on a farm, and that means that she id around all kinds of animals. They family has chickens, turkeys, goats, pigs, cows, cats, dogs, and horses. Maeve’s favorite animals are horses and dogs. She loves to ride horses and has become quite good at it. I think her very favorite horses are the miniature horses owned by her family owns. Today is Maeve’s 4th birthday. Happy birthday Maeve!! Have a great day!! We love you!!

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