These two have always been like “peas in a pod.” They were always together as kids. They were more like sisters than cousins. while these girls live in different states now, they have been trying to take an annual birthday trip, because they are 5 days difference in age, with Christina being 5 days older than Shai. They really love getting together and traveling to new places. So, Christina is flying out to see Shai for the weekend, and the girls plan to make a “Girls Weekend” of it.

Christina has been dealing with some food allergies and has been gluten free now for over a year now. Christina has not exactly struggled so much with her weight, but more with how she felt, as anyone who has food allergies knows and understands. While she wasn’t very much overweight, she is very happy with her current weight. Christina has been eating right and juicing, as well as going to the gym to work out. She is feeling really good about herself. Christina is a dental hygienist and assistant office manager at a dental clinic in Colorado Springs, Colorado. She works with great people and is good at her job. Christina has a strong faith in God, and that has helped her through so many of life’s challenges. Things are going very well these days.

Shai tells me that she has a really bad dog named Athena, and that she loves her very much. She loves having movie nights and living also living on her own. I’ll never forget those two girls together. They had such good times. They laughed and giggled, played pranks on each other, and teased each other. They were inseparable. Christina and Shai have been close for so many years now, and I can’t imagine the two of them any other way. I was always glad that they were good friends, because they are cousins by birth and friends by choice. Today is Christina’s birthday. Happy birthday Christina!! Have a great day!! We love you!!

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