When someone has been a part of your family for 22 years, 3 while dating your daughter and 19 while married to your daughter, you get to a place where it’s hard to remember life without that person there. That is the case with Kevin. Kevin has not only been a part of our family for 22 years, but he has endeared himself to my heart. He has been a help in the tough times and brought smiles to our faces in the good times. His sense of humor and teasing fits right in to the kind of family we are.

After all these years, Kevin is really not our son-in-law anymore…he is our son. There are all kinds of sons-in-law. Those who stay in a family are usually loved and respected, but that doesn’t make their in-laws think of them as sons. It takes more than that to become a son. Being a good husband to your daughter, who you have entrusted to his care. Being a good father to your grandchildren. Stepping up when they are needed. Comforting you and your family in sad times. All things that change a son-in-law into a son. That is the man Kevin is and the son he has been to us.

Of course, being a son isn’t just about what Kevin can or has done for us, It’s about who he is. Kevin is a strong family man. His family is the most important thing to him. He is the kind of man his sons can look up to and yet, still a hopeless romantic when it comes to his relationship with my daughter, Corrie. He is very handy when it comes to carpentry, and he is doing some remodeling in their home. And at the same time, he is good at painting cars, and is painting his son, Chris’ car for him. He has a lot of abilities, but the reason he does all these things is…love. Kevin has a great love for his family and friends.

Today is Kevin’s birthday. Kevin, you are an amazing son-in-law, who has become a son to us. I don’t know what our family would be like if you were not in it. I hope your day is absolutely wonderful. Thank you for being a part of our lives, and for taking such good care of my girl and the grandsons you two blessed us with. We love you!!

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