My niece, Lindsay moved to Brookings, South Dakota about a year ago to go to graduate school. It is really hard not to see her as much as we used to, but thankfully, she keeps us updated on Facebook and by text. Part of her work there is actually teaching classes, and in the course of those duties, she has found that many of the professors and students ride around the campus on Mopeds. I’m sure the reasoning is mostly the gas savings. I just remember when Mopeds were just totally the Nerd Machine, so it just strikes me funny that my very cool niece, and also her very cool sister Kellie have had them. It’s funny how time changes the things that once were weird into something cool…or maybe it wasn’t time at all, but necessity. We all know that as gas prices go up, cuts have to be made, and at least this way it is fun too.

Whatever the case, Lindsay has wanted on for a very long time…probably since her sister had one. So as her birthday and the new school year approached, she decided it was time to go for it. I had no idea that she was interested in getting a Moped, so when her excited text and picture came to my phone, I was very surprised. Nevertheless, it totally looks like Lindsay, now that I think about it, and it doesn’t look nerdy at all.

It’s hard for me to imagine Lindsay teaching classes, although, like her cousins, Liz and Michelle, who are a teacher and a student teacher, I’m sure she does a very good job. She is a very outgoing person, and lots of fun to be around, so I’m sure her students really love her classes. I don’t think Lindsay has totally decided how she will use the Bachelor’s Degree in Kinesiology and Health Promotion that she has, because there are so many fields that can take in. Still, whatever she chooses to do, I know that it will be totally suited to her, because Lindsay is such a social person, that she is comfortable in any setting. Today is Lindsay’s birthday!! Happy birthday Lindsay!! We love you!!

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