When my niece Lindsay was a little girl she told everyone in the family that she was going to be a fire fighter when she grew up. It was a dream that sounded much like a lot of other kids, but she would prove to be different.

After high school, she went to school to major in Fire Science. While it was a bit of a surprise, we were all very proud of her. She did very well, and was hired for two summers running to work for the Forest Service as a fire fighter in the Black Hills of South Dakota. After receiving her Associates Degree in Fire Science, Lindsay did change her mind about fire fighting.

In true Lindsay style, she would prove herself, by being accepted to a program that is very hard to get into. Her Bachelor’s Degree would be in Kinesiology and Health Promotion, which is the study of movement, with an emphasis on disease prevention through exercise, and how exercise affects diseases and how to live healthy lifestyles. With this degree, she has a variety of fields that she can go into, including physical therapy, which is the field that she would receive an internship in at Wyoming Medical Center. I know she will do very well. And yes Lindsay, I had a ulterior motive for all my questions, but I was also very interested. In the Fall, Lindsay will attend South Dakota State University to obtain her Masters Degree.

Lindsay has always been a girl with a magnetic personality. You are just drawn to her. She has never met a stranger, just a friend she doesn’t know yet. And she has the ability to succeed at whatever she sets her hand to. I know that no matter where your journey takes you, Lindsay, your life will be filled with much happiness and great success. As you start down the next road on your journey, I feel a little sad that the next years will keep you further from home, and while I am very happy for you, I am sad for…me.

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