The expressions people make can sometimes be funny. From the first expressions of surprise on a baby’s face, to the faces kids make in play, our faces show the world how we are feeling at the time. They can show happiness, sadness, anger, and calm.

Kids like to goof off, and act up when having pictures taken, and those expressions can be classic. From mock scowls to the good old pucker up and whatever trend that is out there at the time, our kids can delight us with their antics and expressions.

Some of the funniest expressions are the ones the person has no idea they are doing. My father-in-law always sticks out his tongue at the side of his mouth when he is concentrating. Or the blank stare when a person is deep in thought…that looking right through you look. Our faces are filled with different ways of telling what they think or how they feel.

Of course, there is the mimic expression. These happen quite often with babies. When we are feeding a baby, and especially when they don’t really want what you are trying to feed them. You know what I mean. You say to baby, “Open up sweetie.” And it’s your mouth that opens, and your baby is thinking, “Why should I? You already did. Hahahaha!!” And then there is the first birthday for baby, and everyone in the room is helping blow out the candles, even though we are not actually blowing, just puckering.

Our faces are the expression of our emotions, and the expression of our thoughts. And sometimes that can be the funniest thing ever.

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