My husband and I were on our evening walk at our local mall, and dodging the other shoppers is simply the norm. I understand that people are busy with their own shopping, and probably don’t even see us walking, but it got me thinking about the kind of witness people would make. The people we run into, and sometimes I almost mean that literally, coming out of the stores as we walk by, often look at us, but see right through us. They walk right out in front of us and we have to slow down or work our way around them. They seldom notice that they cut us off at all.

So, if the need were ever to arise for them to need to be able to recount what they saw is a situation, could they? Or would they have to say that they don’t remember anything? In an abduction, shooting, robbery, etc, the witnesses are the best chance of solving the crime…provided they saw something. I have to think that probably 95% of the people we see in the mall couldn’t recall the facts of a crime committed right in front of them at the mall. They just didn’t see it.

I also started thinking about how observant these people would be in regard to their own protection. We are told not to just walk along unaware of your surroundings, because that is how people can sneak up on you. Unfortunately, in this day and age, people can’t afford not to be observant.

Yes, it is important to me to have you see me coming when you walk out of a store at the mall, but there may be others who really hope you saw something that went on while you were there. You never know when what you saw will be a matter of life and death.

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