Razor Scooter

484789_10201153870759098_1830409112_nMy grand niece, Aurora, who is the daughter of my nephew, Ryan and his wife, Chelsea, turns two today. Her parents had a birthday party for her this last Sunday afternoon. It was a great time…especially for the kids. It’s always a good time for kids when there are new toys involved, and Aurora is a little girl who has no problem sharing her toys. She got a new tricycle and a Razor Scooter for toddlers, among other things. Immediately, her brother, Ethan wanted to ride the tricycle, so he climbed on and took it down the hill. Aurora just watched the action, and then followed her brother down the hill…on foot.

Don’t let her practice of sharing make you think that Aurora didn’t get in on the fun, however, because she certainly did. When she saw her tricycle she immediately got on it, and while she couldn’t quite figure out how to peddle yet, her feet reached the ground, so she managed to maneuver it around. Now, I would have expected that she would have stayed on the tricycle, and allowed someone to push her around, which she did for a short time, but her big interest was in the Razor Scooter she got.
I’m sure that she had seen her big brother using his scooter, as well as the neighbor kids, so that probably seemed like the grown up thing to have…and Aurora wants nothing more than to be grown up. She decided that she wanted to play with the scooter, and I was amazed that this little two year old girl knew how to operate it. Maybe kids have changed some over the years, but I don’t recall a two year old who would have been coordinated enough to put one foot on a scooter and use the other to push herself along. Yes, the scooter has two wheels in front, to stabilize it, but it still seems like that would be hard for a two year old to work.

Maybe Aurora had had lots of experience watching her brother and neighbor kids, and so she learned the ropes. Or, maybe she is just a very coordinated baby girl. Whatever it was, she did a great job, and I know she will have lots of fun in the future with the scooter and all her other toys. Today is Aurora’s 2nd birthday. Happy birthday Aurora!! Have a great day!! We love you very much!!

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