On the day of her birth, December 19, 2020, my grandniece, Hallie Joy Moore also went to Heaven to live with Jesus. We know that Hallie is so very happy with Jesus, and she is also very proud of her parents, Lindsay and Shannon Moore, and her big sister, Mackenzie Moore, who have continued to celebrate her special day for what it is…a celebration of her life. Hallie’s name was chosen for her with much love and happiness in mind. Her name Hallie means “Praise the Lord” and Joy, of course, means “happiness.” That is how her loving parents have chosen to remember their daughter’s birthday, and we are all very proud of them for it. They have named this special day “Happy Hallie Day” and they want to “invite you to celebrate her, by reflecting on your previous year and praising the Lord for all the GOOD He has done in your life – big things, small things and everything in between!” So, that is what we will do. Happy 2nd birthday in Heaven, Hallie!! Have a wonderful celebration with Jesus and your grandparents!! We love you so much!! Happy Hallie Day II.

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