My niece, Michelle Miller has had a very busy year. Michelle has been an art educator for the Nicolaysen Art Museum. It was a different kind of teaching than Michelle expected to be doing, but it has been very rewarding, and she has found it to be a surprise blessing. Michell loves teaching, and loves introducing her students to a whole new world…one that is filled with beauty and expression. Many of these kids have never really been exposed to the beauty of art, and Michelle loves to be the one to show it to them.

Michelle is so well liked by everyone, and that has put her in the position of being promoted quickly. Michelle is now the Curator of Education, which means that while she held on to a couple of classed for herself, she is mainly over the other teachers and the education program in general. It is a lot of responsibility, but Michelle is definitely up for the task. She is a very social person, who works easily with others, but that isn’t all she has going for her. Michelle is very smart, and she can handle anything she is assigned. Never has that been more important that now, because since October, Michelle has been the Interim Director of The Nicolaysen Art Museum. That was when the last Director took another position in Tulsa, Oklahoma. Of course, Michelle could have taken over as the new Director, but her heart is in teaching. Nevertheless, until the Director they just hired takes over, Michelle is still carrying the load of that position too. As Director, Michelle was able to go to the Mountain-Plains Museum Association Convention in Tulsa from October 4th to the 7th. It was cool for her to be able to go, and she learned a lot. Michelle has also been on the board of the Wyoming Art Education Association. So, she has additional responsibilities with them. While these positions are a big load, I know that Michelle is well able to handle it, and we are all so very proud of her.

On a non-working note, Michelle became and aunt again this past summer, when her niece Maya Stevens was born. Michelle and her husband, Matt Miller both love their nieces and nephew, and so getting a new one is very special. Maya is little sister to her sister, Elliott Stevens. Michelle also has bonus niece Brooklyn Killinger and bonus nephew, Jaxon Killinger. All in all, it has been a busy year, but as usual, Michelle has taken it all in stride and looks forward to what the new year will bring. Today is Michelle’s birthday. Hapy birthday Michelle!! Have a great day!! We love you!!

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