A little over eight years ago, I wrote a story about my sister, Caryl Reed and how my sisters, Cheryl Masterson, Alena Stevens, Allyn Hadlock, and I used to attack her and give her the “tickle torture” on a fairly regular basis. Little did I know then, the impact that story would have on my readers. In the eight years the story has been up, it has received 1016 comments, which is far more than any other story I have written. I have had countless numbers of people tell me their own stories about being tortured or being the torturer. Several have suggested that I need to write another story on tickle torturing tales, and with that, Tickle Tales was conceived in my head. I thought I might highlight some of the funniness that has been born of the Tickle Torture craze.

One friend, Suzy approached me with some ideas to get her siblings, and after enlisting the help of her particularly devious brother-in-law, the tickle “chair” was born. The tickle chair really isn’t a chair at all, but is a portable set of “stocks” to lock the victim’s feet in place while the torturers tickle away. Now I’ve never had this done to me, but I can tell you that anytime you can’t kick or get away from your tickle attacker…the situation becomes a true form of “friendly” torture. While some people might think this harsh, their family loved it, and even made bets on things, like football games to decide who the next victim was. As far as I know this is now a new tradition in their family.

A couple I’m friends with, Mike and Ashley asked me for some ideas to get started on their own betting scheme. After a number of times at being Mike’s victim, Ashley and her girlfriends finally exacted her revenge. Mike had made a habit of taking a nap on the couch…an “unfortunate” mistake for him, and so the girls managed to place ropes under the couch and tied his hands and feet to the legs of the couch. Helpless to fight them off, the girls gave him the tickle torture of a lifetime. Mike is a good sport, and even being given a pedicure by his captors didn’t upset him. It did, however, make him decide that revenge was the only logical response to this. He got his revenge using feathers on Ashley’s feet, while her toes were tied together. Their current bet involves the loser on this years’ football games, and a Super Bowl Revenge that will be carried out over the course of the Super Bowl game…the whole game…when they score, or commercial breaks, half time show, and of course, the game ending finale!! Yikes!! I pity the loser in this competition!!

Tickle Torture is a great way to keep life interesting, and as long as everybody is a good sport about it, can bring a lot of laughs. The thing I find funny is that even while being tickled, very few people get upset, because tickling isn’t, after all, painful. And it does make you laugh!! I don’t think that Tickle Torture will ever be a thing of the past. It’s just too much fun!! Have you tickled someone today?

32 Responses to Tickle Tales

  • What happens when someone isn’t TICKLish.

  • Caryn your original post is now legendary! Just think of all the tickle torture that’s probably taken place as a result of that post. I bet there’s at least a few extremely ticklish souls who now find themselves in Caryl’s situation thanks to the inspiration you’ve provided their torturers. I think you have a duty to give the tickle chair a try, tell your friends to do their worst and report back. Get a taste of your own medicine! Can you imagine Caryl locked in the tickle chair hahaha!

    • Oh, believe me, I have had many opportunities to be on the receiving end of the Tickle Torture. My sisters, my kids, my grandkids, my husband, parents and in-laws. they all knew how ticklish I am, and they took full advantage of it. And somehow, even my threats of kicking didn’t stop them. The were experts and holding me down. I know exactly what I was talking about. Hahahahahaha!!!

      • Gotta agree Caryn that you should volunteer to experience a tickling in the stocks. Unless you’re just too ticklish?

        • I am too ticklish. I admit it.

          • Haha probably wise to steer well clear then. Of course once you’re in that thing you’re at the tickler’s mercy and you can’t know for sure whether they will go easy on you or subject you to the worst tickle torture of your life! I suspect given the circumstances, your writings and the buzz you’ve created that you’d be lucky to escape the full treatment in that stuation.

          • Well I think anyone with very ticklish feet who gets in that thing expecting an easy ride would be in for a shock.

          • They certainly would. And the bet makes it so you don’t know who loses.

          • Caryn I’ve read your posts on torturing your sister and I think you are due some major tickle torture yourself as karma. I will quote sOme of your own words… You’ve said that your feet are seriously ticklish and I think karma dictates that your feet should be tickled with the same mercy you showed Caryl stopping just short of the point of you passing out. You might beg for them to stop but your ticklers would have selective hearing. I believe in karma and if you are very ticklish yourself I would watch out because I think some real tickle torture is headed your way!

          • I am the victim of more tickling these days than Caryl gets. My hubby loves to tickle. Hahahahahaha!!

          • Love to see this.
            Your husband is a lucky guy.

  • Caryn so is Tickle Tales going to be a seperate blog site?

  • Evil! I guess Caryl is fortunate you didn’t have access to these tools growing up! Can you imagine haha

      • I was thinking the same of my younger sister Sarah who was regularly tickle tortured by my brothers and I. Being the oldest sibling I probably should have defended Sarah who was the youngest but she was just too much fun to tickle. So ticklish she would shriek if you just grazed her arm, it was impossible to resist and almost impossible to stop once you got started. We had to rely on brute strength to hold her down or think of inventive ways of restraining her like rolling her tightly in a blanket so we could easily tickle her feet. With this sort of equipment all of our energies would have been spent tickling and the tickle torture would have been on a whole other level. If we had it I know for a fact we would have used it and used it irresponsibly taking it way too far. Poor Sarah would have suffered but boy would my brothers and I have had some serious fun! Perhaps it’s not too late…

        • If you ask her, and she is anything like my sister, she would admit that t wasn’t all bad. While tickling can be torture, it also makes us laugh, so isn’t it also fun?

  • An exciting possibility of the tickle chair is that innocent minds are unlikely to associate it with tickling and may even opt to sit in it for a laugh or just out of curiosity. Then once they are comfortable you can snap the lock shut and tickle to your hearts content! I can think of a few very ticklish family members I’d love to see locked in this device. Hopefully Suzy has been able to spring the trap on some unsuspecting victims!

  • Ashley’s ruthless trick on Mike is an inspiration and I’m hoping to pull off a similar prank myself.
    My cousin is a frequent tickle victim of me, my younger sister and sometimes my older sister. We get her pretty good but it can be a struggle keeping her pinned down and we never manage to tickle her for as long as I’d like. I know her feet are horribly ticklish but she goes completely wild when they are touched bucking and kicking and this normally brings the fun to an end. I’ve got some cheap handcuffs and I’m confident we could wrestle her into a helpless position. Tied down she would be at our mercy and we could give her one hell of a tickle torture. There’s an opportunity coming up and I’m putting plans in motion. I’ll be sure to post an update. Wish me luck!

  • My feet are off the charts ticklish and my toes are cringing just looking at these pictures. I suppose I would be the perfect victim because I would be a hysterical pleading mess in about 20 seconds. Tied up, unable to move and tickled on bare feet, that’s a no from me!

    • I totally agree. We are both perfect victims, who avoid this at all costs!! Hahahahahahahaha!!!

      • I delight in dishing out tickle torture and I would love to tickle someone in this position especially a victim as ticklish as either of you two! I’d start off teasing one finger up and down the sole of each foot before building up to a full 10 finger spider tickle. I’d be sure to test the ticklishness of your toes and exploit this to maximum effect. Any pleading would be parroted back to you in a mocking tone and I would continue tickling until I was satisfied. I’d love to try tickling with a hairbrush in this situation so I’d be sure to give your feet a good scrubbing before I was done. It’ll be a good workout and I promise you will find the experience exhilarating! So Angela, Caryn, who’s up first?

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