My grand nephew, Zackery Spethman is turning 12 today. It is his last pre-teen year, and I can hardly believe how quickly the time has flown by. Zack is such a loving young man. His kind heart shows in everything he does. He helps those in need and shows kindness to everyone around him. One thing that always comes to my mind, as his great aunt, is the fact that Zack is quick to give me a hug whenever he sees me. That may seem like a little thing to most people, and even to Zack, but it is a big deal to a great aunt. Kids are often distant with the older aunts, but Zack always makes me feel loved.

This year will be Zack’s last year in elementary school, and for his mother, my niece, Jenny Spethman, that is the really hard. The years have flown by so fast, and she can see the future going by even faster. She has tried to make sure that they attend every play, recital, and game he is involved in this year, knowing that in just a little over a month, Zack will have graduated to middle school. Zack plays the Saxophone in band, and really likes it. In the world of instruments, that is one of the coolest. I could never have played that one, because you have to be able to make it sound like something other than a sick duck, and I couldn’t, but Zack can, and he does it very well.

Zack’s horizons are broadening in so many ways now, and one of the most exciting ones for him is that this year he will get to go hunting with his dad and brother, Xander. For the Spethman children, going hunting is a rite of passage. They have all learned to shoot and be responsible with guns at very young ages, and from what Zack’s dad, Steve Spethman tells me, Zack is a pretty good shot. As we all know, practice makes perfect, and Zack loves to go practice shooting. I know that Zack will be a good hunter, and will feel good about being able to bring home meat for the family. That is something that makes a man feel successful, and Zack is successful at everything he does. Today is Zack’s 12th birthday. Happy birthday Zack!! Have a great day!! We love you!!

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