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My grandniece, Brooklyn Killinger has hit a milestone birthday this year. It’s not so much that the birthday is a milestone, as it is that she is now at a landmark time in her life. She is leaving elementary school behind and is headed to middle school. She will start attending Dean Morgan Middle School in the Fall. Brooklyn is finding that she is suddenly both excited and apprehensive at the same time. Of course, Brooklyn is not the only one having these feelings. Her parents are feeling the same way. It’s hard to watch your little girl becoming so grown up.

Brooklyn is definitely getting grown up. She is starting to get into makeup and skincare. In that respect, she takes after her bonus mom, Lacey Killinger. Brooklyn is becoming more and more a girly girl every day, not that she wasn’t before. She was the flower girl in Lacey and her dad, Chris Killinger’s wedding. She loved every minute of it…especially wearing “the pretty dress.” She also loves her little cousins, Elliott and Maya Stevens. Both of those little girls love Brooklyn and her brother, Jaxon Killinger very much. They play well together, they love hanging out, going camping, and especially going swimming. Chris and Lacey got a new camper, and they are all looking forward to going camping. Brooklyn and Jaxon love that they have bunk beds in the back of the camper.

Brooklyn just finished playing basketball ball at the YMCA this spring. Her team made it to the championships, but they lost their 2nd game in the championship tournament. Nevertheless, making it to the championships is an awesome thing. For her birthday Chris and Lacey threw Brooklyn as Taylor Swift themed birthday party at the Wagon Wheel Skating Rink. She loves Taylor Swift. Some of her friends from school, and her family joined her for her special day. Everyone had a wonderful time…especially Brooklyn. Today is Brooklyn’s 11th birthday. Happy birthday Brooklyn!! Have a great day!! We love you!!

Roller SkatesAs a kid, going to the roller skating rink was not always an option. Nevertheless, we all loved to skate. Not being able to go to the skating rink all the time didn’t bother us, nor did the uneven sidewalk in front of our house. We learned to overcome those obstacles, because we loved to skate. I suppose it was that age old desire to have wheels to take you where you wanted to go, without having to depend on your parents to get you there…or maybe it was just because it was a lot of fun. The skates I had as a kid were not the fancy ones with the shoe built onto it, because…well our shoe size was always changing. It made no sense to buy new ones every year. That was simply an unnecessary expense.

Wearing SkatesOf course, the problem with those skates that could grow, was that you needed a key to change the length and the width of the skate to fit your shoes. Since feet didn’t grow that fast, it might be a while between the times you needed to change the size, by the time you needed it again, the key was nowhere to be found. This was such a big problem, in fact, that at one point someone came up with a song about two kids…one who had the skates, and one who had the key. It made for a good partnership…or maybe it was just necessity that they become friends. Either way, having a skate key made one a valuable friend to anyone who had skates and no key.

I think if the inventor of the skates had given any thought to it, he might have figured out a different way to do the size changes, or at the very least, put in a place to store the key, so that if it was lost, it would truly be Skate Keythe fault of the child, and not just the fact that the key had no safe storage place to be. Of course, in all reality, the skating years were pretty short lived. All too soon, we were on to the next great toy or the next cool set of wheels…such as the skateboard. Once those came out, kids who were still using skates were considered babies…until Inline Skates came out. Then the ones who still had four wheeled skates or even skateboards were considered babies, who couldn’t balance on two wheeled skates…until trick skateboarding came along. Before long, that old pair of four wheeled skates and their corresponding key, were no longer the latest thing…and no one wanted them anyway, so the key no longer mattered.

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