roosevelt high school

My grandnephew, Zack Spethman is graduating from Roosevelt High School today, and we are all so proud of him. Zack’s high school journey has taken place during some of the toughest years in our nation’s history. Covid-19, the pandemic plague of education everywhere, shut down the schools for months, and put many students way behind in their studies. Many of those same students, like Zack, worked very hard to catch up and go on to finish their studies so they could receive their high school diplomas. We are so proud of Zack for sticking it out and for arriving at this point.

It is so hard to believe that Zack could already be old enough to be graduating from high school. Of course, having watched him grow up all these years, I know full well that he is old enough, but I can also vividly remember the cute little boy he was. Zack has really never changed one bit. He was a loving sweet boy then, and he is today too. While it seems impossible to me that he could be graduating, the fact remains that he is. Zack is looking forward to being out of school for a while. He is thinking about going to a trade school down the road a way, possibly for welding. Zack would come by a love for welding naturally, because his grandpa, my dad, Allen Spencer was a welder for many years. His cousin, Garrett Stevens is also a welder by trade. Zack took welding in school and found that he likes it. He is not positive that welding is what he wants to do yet, but he is exploring the possibilities. He will find what he wants to do. Of that I have no doubt.

Zack is a kind and loving young man, who is good to everyone. He is quick to hug those he loves, and always tells us that he loves us. He is a gentle man. These traits endear him to all who know him. I know that his teachers and fellow students all feel the same way about him. He is a loving brother to his siblings, Xander, Isaac, and Aleesia, and a loving son to his parents, Jenny and Steve Spethman. Zack makes friends easily, because of his friendly nature. I am excited to see what the future holds for him. He has the ability to do anything he chooses. He is a smart young man.

Zack is looking forward to spending some time in the great outdoors too. He loves to hike with his mom, and it is a special time for both of them. The family loves camping and cookouts, so I’m sure these days of nice weather will be filled to the top with fun, friends, and family. Congratulations on your graduation, Zack!! You’ve earned it, and we are so proud of you and your accomplishments!! On to new vistas and great accomplishments. We love you!!

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