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305847_10150339247813757_899770574_na13912898_10153975579118757_1424051429268159450_naIf there is one way to describe my grand niece, Katie Balcerzak, it would have to be that she is all about the kids. For a while she was a pre-school teacher, and in many ways I think that was her dream job. It takes a very special person to teach school, whether it is pre-school, high school, or home school. Kids can be a handful, whether they are your own or someone else’s, and not everyone can take on the task of teaching these young minds the things necessary to succeed in this life. Katie and her husband, my grand nephew, Keifer Balcerzak don’t have any kids yet, but I can see them having several some day. Right now Katie has to settle for loving on the children of friends and family.

Katie has a great sense of humor, as anyone who has ever looked at some of her posts can see. Katie’s humorous side didn’t really surprise me nearly as much as some of her other interests did, however. Being a history buff, I have gotten used to the idea that I may be an odd duck, especially when compared to people younger than me, but Katie likes the history channel, and some of the political ideas that I have are her ideas too, but I won’t go into those here, because this is a birthday post, and not a political debate. She likes country music, which makes her ok in my book too, because I guess, like my parents expected, I outgrew rock music, and traded it in for country music along time ago. I would rather listen to music I can sing along with.
Katie is the kind of person who makes friends to last a lifetime, and she has friends from as far back as her Kindergarten years. These are close friends too, not just Facebook friends. That is the kind of friend everyone wants to have…whether they realize it now or not, because friends that last a lifetime are true friends, who will walk with you through all of life’s trials and all of life’s rewards, and let’s face it, we could all use more of that kind of friend in our lives. Today is Katie’s birthday. Happy birthday Katie!! Have a great day!! We love you!!

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