Jumping JacksWe’ve all done it…jumping on the bed, I mean. I think that it’s instinct to a degree. Kids just naturally go from those timid little baby steps, to running, and on to jumping. In fact I think that so many people have a trampolines, because it could go a long way toward saving the mattress on the bed. It’s pretty hard for kids to resist jumping on the bed, because once they get going, and they get to giggling…it even gets hard for parents to get upset about it.

Of course, as we all know, whether it is a trampoline or the bed, jumping can become dangerous. Countless numbers of kids, myself included, have ended up falling off of that bed. Thankfully, I wasn’t hurt…at least not beyond a few bumps and bruises, but there have been kids who go hurt much worse that that. You can tell a kid that it’s dangerous to be jumping on the bed, but that doesn’t mean that the temptation isn’t more that they can resist. It goes back to the same old thing…it won’t happen to me. I won’t fall off…wrong!! You will, and it still probably won’t stop you.

I don’t think that most parents take pictures of their children misbehaving, so most people don’t have many 11822552_10204840411466009_7871988624026754987_npictures of them jumping on the bed. Pictures on the trampoline are totally another thing, however. Those are fun activities, rather than misbehaving. For that reason, there are often pictures on a trampoline. And don’t get the idea that kids are the only ones jumping on the trampoline or the bed for that matter, because they aren’t. Even parents and other adults have been guilty of it. My own mother did it once to make a point, but it backfired a bit, when the bed broke. When the bed was broken, she said…in stunned disbelief, “Well, now it’s broken!!” The grandchildren that she had been chewing out, somehow didn’t see the situation as believable, but rather hilarious…not that they necessarily laughed at the time. Nevertheless, it was very funny. Grandma jumping on and breaking the bed. Now that’s simply priceless!!

Most people like either dogs or cats, and my parents were always dog lovers. We had cats one time when I was little, but after that, we had dogs during my entire childhood. Dad always thought cats were pretty worthless.

A short time after my dad passed away, an orange cat started hanging around my mom’s porch, literally howling. She figured that if she left him alone, he would go home, but after several days, she couldn’t stand it any longer. She and my sister Cheryl, let him in and fed him. He was obviously starving and abandoned. Once he had eaten, he decided that he had found a home, and he would not leave. He has made himself quite at comfortable, sleeping anywhere he wants, but his particular favorites are the laundry basket and the bathroom sink, which I find quite funny.

So, it would appear that Mom had a new pet…but, Quincy, as he has been dubbed, is not her pet…she is his!! At least that is what he seems to think. He is very protective of her. When she has fallen a couple of times, and is waiting for Bob and me to get there to help her, Quincy never leaves her side. He knows she doesn’t belong on the floor, so he doesn’t feel comfortable until we get her back in her chair. He has to check on her periodically just to make sure everything is as it should be. He also likes to be near her when she is walking around, and since she has a walker with a seat on it…logically, his spot is that seat…of course, getting a ride is certainly a plus.

As I said before, my parents were really dog lovers, and Dad never thought cats were worth a lead nickel, but with this particular cat, I think my dad would feel differently, because Dad always made sure Mom was taken care of, and since Quincy feels the same way, I can’t help but think Dad would approve.

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