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My nephew, Sean Mortensen was probably hoping his daughter, Jadyn would be born on his birthday, but she came a day early. That hasn’t really changed their relationship, however. They are very close and they, along with Jadyn’s mom, Amanda Reed are a wonderful family, who love doing just about everything together. Sean loves Seminoe Reservoir, and in the summer months, they are out there at their mobile home almost every weekend. They love getting together with friends to go boating, swimming, and well, partying. They look forward to Summer with great anticipation, but then they also look forward to Winter with great anticipation, because they are truly four-season people.

Sean loves all the toys…boats, snowmobiles, 4-wheelers, motorcycles, and of course, his vehicles. People can’t really thrive without vehicles anymore. And his vehicles are his “babies,” but not like his true toys. Sean was featured on the Team Timbersled Tour Episode 1, as was his daughter Jadyn. I have no doubt that they will both be featured in videos again in the future. They might even do their own videos, and with their talents, they could go viral. While his partner, Amanda Reed hasn’t been in the videos yet, I wouldn’t be surprised to see her there too.

Sean loves his girls very much. They are his life. Theirs is a close family and they do almost everything together. It’s always great when a family is all wanting to go in the same directions. Even as Jadyn was little, she was into everything they were. Of course, that is because, Sean and Amanda never left her out of things because she was “too little.” She was their girl, and they wanted her to be with them. That has paid off in the greatest ways. Jadyn is an excellent athlete, and loves all kinds of weather, and the sports that go with them. Sean is a great dad, and partner. Jadyn and Amanda feel very blessed to have him in their lives.

Sean works hard to take care of his family. He works at the Sinclair Refinery, which is a hard job, but that isn’t the end of things, because Sean is always taking care of and making improvements to the home he and Amanda bought a few years ago in Rawlins. And if he isn’t working on the job or house, he is in the garage working on the family vehicles. Maintenance is important, and Sean takes his responsibilities seriously. He is a good man, and a blessing to his family. Today is Sean’s birthday. Happy birthday Sean!! Have a great day!! We love you!!

When Eric was born, his older brother, JD was very excited about having a little brother, but that didn’t mean that he knew how a little brother needed to be cared for. That wasn’t really unusual for a little boy of 17 months. Nevertheless, we all wondered how Eric managed to survive having an older brother like JD.

The first hint that Eric might be in peril came when JD stuffed an eye drop bottle, with the lid on thankfully, down Eric’s throat when he was less than a year old. Thankfully, their mom, my sister-in-law, Jennifer was very nearby and heard little Eric’s struggle to breathe. She immediately called 911, and they walked her through what to do. While Jennifer is a nurse, you can’t thinks straight when it is your own child.

Having survived that ordeal, life got back to normal for the two brothers…for a while anyway. When Eric was about 3 years old, JD’s curiosity would again get the better of the situation, and JD would lock Eric in the trunk of the family car…thankfully it was parked in the garage at the time and not in the hot sun. Jennifer heard his muffled yells for help and rescued her youngest son from his big brother a second time. Now, I know you think JD hated Eric, but the opposite was the truth. They were inseparable.

And if having his brother out to get him wasn’t enough, Eric decided to give it a go himself, when he fell off of the deck of the family’s bi-level home. He landed on the concrete below, but somehow managed to stay in one piece…with everything in working order. Talk about having nine lives, I think Eric must be part cat.

Through the years many future challenges presented themselves, since the brothers were very much into motocross, and with motocross comes a number of bruises. Still, that did not diminish their love for extreme sports. They have tried many different extreme sports, and usually do quite well at them.

But, probably the craziest thing Eric wanted to try almost happened on the day he had a friend over and he called his mom at work to ask if it would be ok for them to jump off the roof of the house and into a snow drift. Of course, Jennifer told him no, but he continued to try to persuade her to allow it. So, finally she told him that if he insisted on doing that, he had to wait until she was at home…because someone needed to be there to call 911. Needless to say, that was one attempt at Eric’s demise that didn’t happen. We’re glad you made it through it all, Eric!! Happy birthday!!

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