Some people have the rare gift for always being uplifting to others. They are people who don’t see the greatness in themselves, because they are always looking for ways to help other people shine. They are kind of the wind beneath my wings kind of people. That describes my good friend Jim perfectly. He is the kind of person who empowers you to excel. You want to do the very best job you can when you work for Jim. He is always uplifting everyone else, while almost understating himself. Not that he fools anyone who really knows him, because all of his friends know what a great guy he is.

Jim is a loving man. He cares so deeply for his friends and family…especially his wife, Julie. His friends and family know without a doubt how much he cares about them. If you are blessed enough to be his friend, you will be treated like royalty every time you are around him. Jim’s biggest weakness is probably kids. He loves babies, especially his little grandson. In fact, babies can wrap him right around their little fingers. He is very soft hearted toward babies. When it comes to kids, Jim has a heart as big as all outdoors.

Jim is also probably one of the smartest men I know, and one I know I can go to for advise. He is thorough, always researching a matter before making a decision or giving advise…which is why you can always trust the advise he gives, even if you chose not to follow his advise. I especially like to talk politics with Jim. Not only do we agree on our political views, but he is an encyclopedia when it comes to politics…a fact that amazes me. Jim has information about candidates, and those already in office from not only Wyoming, but lots of other states too. I don’t know how he keeps all that information straight, but I guess it’s all in the way he is wired.

So why am I telling you all this about my boss and my friend? Well it is because today is his birthday. I know that not many people would write a blog about their boss, but then, not many people have such an amazing boss as I have. I just wanted all of my readers to know how blessed my daughter, granddaughter and I are to have a wonderful boss…like Jim!! He really is the wind beneath the wings of all his friends and family. Happy birthday Jim!! We love you!!

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