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Sometimes the age your kids or grandkids are turning on their birthday has a tendency to shock you. That is where I am on this, my oldest grandchild, Chris Petersen’s 21st birthday. It just seems completely impossible that he could be 21 years old today. Chris has come so far. He finished college last year, and he is busy setting himself up in his chosen career. He has a degree in Culinary Arts, and his work is beautiful. I know that Chris will go far in this field, but I suspect that it will happen down the road a bit, when he is able to open his own restaurant. For now, he is busy getting some experience in all aspects of the restaurant business so that he will know what things that make a restaurant successful and what things make one fail.

A few months ago, Chris moved out of his parents home, and into an apartment of his own. He is enjoying his new found independence. Of course, it wasn’t like he wasn’t independent before, but when you live under your parents roof, there are still certain rules you have to abide by. By the same token, when you live on your own, you don’t have anyone else’s rules to follow, but you are the one responsible for your own bills and such too, so I guess it’s a trade off. Still, I don’t know of a single kid who has moved out on their own, who didn’t think it was worth the trade off in the end. Chris is no different than any other kid, moving out for the first time. He is adjusting to new things, and he really misses his family, especially hanging out with his little brother, Josh Petersen. I suppose that is why Josh has stayed the night several times. Brothers just need to hang out.

All that change is one thing, but the biggest change for Chris and every other kid turning 21 is the legal drinking age. Gone are the days of trying to con his parents into letting him have a sip, trying to find someone to buy beer for you, or going to a party and hoping you don’t get caught. Now I don’t know if Chris ever did any of those things or not, and as the grandma, I can feign innocence, and assume he would never do such a thing. It is my right. Nevertheless, today, Chris is of legal age to have a drink if he wants to. That is sure going to take some getting used to. He is still too young in my mind, so to see him drinking a beer with the guys will be one of those shocking moments for sure!! Nevertheless, that day has come. Today is my grandson, Chris Petersen’s 21st birthday. Happy birthday Chris!! Have a great day, and make sure you always have a designated driver!! We love you!!

My grand niece, Christina Masterson has spent the last year working hard to move her life in a new direction. It’s not that her life was going in the wrong direction, but rather that she has decided what she wants to do with her life. For the last year and a half, she has worked at Macaroni Grill in Colorado Springs, and has been saving her money and making preparations to start the next step in her life. As Christina turns twenty one, many things in her life will change. Twenty one is as big a step as eighteen is. It’s one more move in the direction of full adulthood, although most eighteen year olds might argue that point. Still, when people think of someone who is eighteen, certain privileges come to mind, but more come to mind with twenty one. The obvious privilege is being able to drink alcohol legally. Christina actually had that privilege before, while living with her mother in Germany, because the legal drinking age there is nineteen. Nevertheless, when they moved back to the United States, Christina had to abide by the laws here. I’m sure she thought that was a bummer, but those days are behind her forever now. Just make sure you have a designated driver, Christina!!

Christina might be old enough to drink, but that is not really where her focus is. Christina has started attending Everest College and is planning to be a dental assistant. That career might not be for everyone, but it is a necessary and important occupation, nevertheless. Dentists couldn’t really accomplish their jobs without them, and sometimes a patient only needs to see the dentist for a couple of minutes, and then the rest is up to the assistant. I’m really proud of Christina for working so hard to get herself into a position to have a good paying career that she will enjoy doing. It is another step into the adult world for her, and I know she is excited about it. She is really carving out her own path.

Probably the biggest move into the adult world is the fact that Christina has been saving her money, and she is making a big move…into her own place. Having one’s independence is always a special thing, even though her family will miss her at home, especially her brothers, but I guess they could always go spend the night sometimes…after a time for her to settle in, that is. Today is Christina’s 21st birthday. Happy birthday Christina!! You have arrived. Have a great day!! We love you!!

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