cuninary arts

My niece, Andrea Beach has always had a passion for the culinary arts. She also has a heart for helping people. Those two things don’t always go together, but Andrea has figured out a way to do that. Since moving back to Casper, Wyoming from Rawlins, Wyoming, she has been working at Mountain Plaza Assisted Living. She doesn’t really have close contact with any of the residents, but Andrea has been working to make their mealtimes special for almost a year now. She loves creating meals that make the residents feel like they are eating in a high-end restaurant, and yet they are getting good nutrition and amazing taste too. Before Andrea started working there, the meals were great, but now they are spectacular!!

Andrea loves being back in Casper and around all the family. She and my niece, Jenny Spethman have grown so close. They really are best friends, and they love to do lots of things together. Cousins should be close friends, I think, and these girls really are. They hike together and hang out together. It’s really very nice for them, since there are only three girls in the two families, out of eight people. Those girls are outnumbered!! They have to stick together!! I’m happy for the girls. All too often, as we reach adulthood, our friend become fewer and fewer, or at least that’s how it seems to me. I realize that may just be me, but these girls are extroverts, while I am an introvert. Plus, what better friend is there in the world than sisters and cousins. They share common bonds that just aren’t shared with a friend. I’m not knocking friends, but sisters and cousins are with you, no matter what.

Andrea has always had a flare for the artistic. She has done some paintings, and they are really excellent. Recently, however, she had the opportunity to capture some of God’s artwork, which is beyond compare, as we all know. Nevertheless, it takes a good photographer to capture the Auroras in the dark, and without shaking the camera. Andrea and her son, Chris stayed up well past midnight to she could capture these shots for her mom, Caryl Reed and stepdad, Mike Reed, who just couldn’t stay awake for it. Sorry Caryl and Mike, I had to tattle!! Andrea and Chris got an amazing show, and amazing shots of it. Today is Andrea’s birthday. Happy birthday Andrea!! Have a great Day!! We love you!!

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